Aliens: LV-426 - An Aliens Fan Film by Márcio Napoli

Started by Darkness, Jun 07, 2014, 11:04:05 AM

Aliens: LV-426 - An Aliens Fan Film by Márcio Napoli (Read 17,459 times)


A new fan film called Aliens: LV-426 has surfaced this week from Brazilian filmmaker Márcio Napoli. It’s loosely based around the events in James Cameron’s Aliens and it’s about an adult Newt returning to LV-426. There, she finds a damaged Bishop android who helps her find out what happened. There’s no xenomorphs or creatures – it’s a character based segment but it’s wonderfully shot with some impressive CGI and sets. Newt is played by an actress called Luiza Greca while Bishop is played by Sergio Barreto. The fan film is 11 minutes long and the language is Portuguese but there are English subtitles available.

Thanks to Hicks for the news.

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Just proves to me that Alien3 has one of the best soundtracks of the series.


I'll definitely check this out tonight!

Ana Paula Wan-Dall

Ana Paula Wan-Dall

Uhulll sucesso, parabéns á toda equipe o curta ficou demais maravilhosooo.... <3 <3



It has no aliens in it. >:(


One of the better fan films I've seen recently

I thought the quarantine set was very well done.

Using close ups of Newt & Bishop cuts down on need for a detailed planet set & costumes. Showing Bishop from one angle and in shadows also saved doing elaborate damage make-up on Bishop.

Smart choices. Better to show quality in small production then a bigger film that doesn't look good. imho  ;)


That was actually surprisingly good! Very solid production value all around.



I wonder why they used Jack's rifle from Oblivion instead of a Pulse Rifle. Seems like an odd choice.


Very well done. Think it could have done without Bishop emotively crying, though.

Could have actually been done just the same way if they had simply changed the character names to completely original ones.


I like how it`s done, but what was the point? It have no fable whatsoever. And why those guys had to be Newt and Bishop and not, let`s say, Natalie and Bob? So much effort, so little point.

To be honest, lack of fable (even siplest one) is grip in many fan productions.


A lot of the fan films out there are made to show off what the filmmakers can do on a technical level. That's why they're short films.

If it was two random characters, how would you know that it's set in the Aliens universe? It's not as if it has to be canon.


Yeah I understand, but the title Aliens Lv-426 kinda gives it away.

It`s not that I don`t like it, but original story with such effort would be much better IMO.


Quote from: Master on Jun 08, 2014, 07:03:52 PM
Yeah I understand, but the title Aliens Lv-426 kinda gives it away.

That and the chest-bursting suggestion. Although, that could have done with a sudden spreading of blood under the clothing, like Kane's had done. Perhaps a sudden sound of cracking ribs as the camera cut away.


I'm actually impressed with this. The music from alien 3 sits nicely on the scenes. I suppose I have one quirky, OCD thing to point out (Not to take away from the actual presentation), but if Newt just landed on that planet, why is she suddenly covered in blood? Dramatic affect maybe?

Anyway, I think any Alien fan would get a kick out of this. Hats off to the creators.

perfect organism

Wow, that was really impressive, especially the Prometheus-like entrance of the spaceship at the beginning. Is it just me, or does Newt look like a younger Adriana Lima here, and Bishop a little like Michael Biehn (the guy who plays Hicks in ALIENS). The ALIEN 3 soundtrack is my favourite one out of all movies, but it was used too often in this one. Nonetheless, it was a great work... :D

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