What was Hunter Borgia trying to transform into?

Started by predxeno, May 15, 2011, 04:05:02 AM

What was Hunter Borgia trying to transform into? (Read 1,895 times)


Was he trying to transform into a superior being or was trying to become an exact duplicate of a Predator?


It should be painfully obvious. He practically worshipped the Predators, not to mention he used all of their weapons after his transformation.

One more reason why the story of Concrete Jungle was complete horseshit.


I thought he way trying to make himself a superior being (Bonding predator DNA to his own making him near super human) plus I thought he only used the predator weapons because he admired there culture.


^That's what I thought.


Plus I remeber hearing Mother talk about something about the predators having superior gentic material that they could to clone and make armys of children like Hunter. (I think she means superior beings not humanoid predator hybrids.)

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