Features Wish List... What did/do you want?

Started by AcidGlow, Nov 04, 2008, 11:48:04 PM

Features Wish List... What did/do you want? (Read 1,463 times)



What features did you guys want in this game?

i wanted..

1. The ability to use an older design of a weapon with the upgraded damage points. I didnt like how I was forced to use the Dark Blade Clan equipment all the the time when I maxed everything out. I wouldve liked to use another model of a weapon with upped stats.

2. The ability to assign what weapons you will start with in each level. IE: if you are only allowed to start off with melee then Id like the option of selecting the spear, combi or glaive model I wanna use.

3. More original costume designs. Hey, I loved the bad Blood, Concrete Jungle, Ritual armor and Dark Blade Clan were awesome. I just wouldve liked more unlockables.

4. Possibly the ability to select a different class of predator not just the normal body type. I really liked the StoneHeart predator. Big and huge.

5. Ways to finish a level with multiple methods not just the scripted ones. Which will lead you to alternate routes instead of always going 1 way through the story.

6. Unlockable costumes, weapons, bonus missions by beating a game file on each difficulty. Or based on 0 dishonorable kills or *1000* kills or sometihng or number of head rips.

7. Add the netgun....


I would have liked it to be a big sandbox city where you could just run around doing whatever you want. That was kinda what I was expecting when I first bought it. Sadly, this was not the case. I still quite like the game I don't really see why it gets such a bad rap. As a matter of fact I was just playing it yesterday and it prompted my return to these forums to see if there was any news about another pred game. But anyways yeah the not being able to change your weapons from the upgraded version or even being able to downgrade them back was pretty annoying. I really don't care for the look of any of the dark blade weapons.

The Demon

1. Would of liked to be able to remove the helmet whenever you wanted.

2. Netgun.. why didn't they have it?

3. Be able to select weapons and not be forced to use the only ones they let you use.

4. would like to free-roam/hunt throughout the entire place in between missions.

5. Little more detail to the people you hunted/fought.. they were so cheap.

6. more complex fighting mechanic.

that's about it.


             I would've liked to have multiplayer like a little clan of preds would've been nice

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