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Started by Corporal Hicks, Dec 12, 2006, 11:25:15 AM

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Quote from: SiL on Oct 16, 2023, 09:39:10 AMYou still need to know how to sculpt, just digitally.

To some degree, they have a lot of random premade stuff you can buy for around 5 USD. I'm also fine with the digital stuff it's just the hands on details you have to use with those clay shaping tools.

(Bad Blood)

(Bad Blood)

Today I learned a more permanent way to "paint" then using paint! Lol. I discovered a more permanent plastic coloring method by using synthetic dye. It actually turns the plastic itself a different color rather than applying it to the surface. So even if an item or figure gets damaged or scratched, it will only show the newly dyed color underneath and it is absolutely permanent.

I tested it and acetone, scrubbing, soap, dish soap, alcohol and boiling water did not lessen the color once dyed. I used another predator figure when testing it. Best part is it keeps its original plastic sheen unlike acrylic paints and does not need to be sealed. Keep in mind it can cause paint bleeding so use it only on surfaces with less complex paint schemes.

As long as it's the same color all over the surface it won't cause color bleeding. So:

Step 1. Poor a small amount of black or brown dye in and mix them into a Tupperware you don't need anymore. You can also mix dye colors together before application.

Step 2. Add a little dish soap.

Step 3. Poor boiling water into it and stir.

Step 4. Dip half of the item in for 15 seconds for color gradient or drop the entire part into it for 15 seconds or a minute for darker color. You can also do it multiple times for darker effect. However you can only add to not take away so I suggest Starting light.

So I have always disliked the paint scheme on the Bad Blood Predator feet as it was basically not painted at all compared to the rest of the body. Here is before:
Here is what was advertised by Neca:
Here is after dye application and final product:
Lastly here is my new sewn loincloth/armor as they are notorious for breaking with age. I used a strong synthetic thread and needle and looped it through the corner plastic but far enough in to not stress it. Looped it, tied it, then tied it to the corner of the one that goes over the back end and repeated this on the other side. I Used hot water to separate the figure at the chest are and looped it over and popped the upper torso back on and voila! Now absolutely remember, you have to use the Rit Dye more synthetic not the original as it wont work well or at all. Photo for reference: Hopefully this information helps anyone and have fun!

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