Most Accurate Review To Date

Started by Aeus, Dec 19, 2007, 09:19:41 PM

Most Accurate Review To Date (Read 1,218 times)



This guy really hit the nail on the head. A great review for the game, be sure to watch it.

He gives it a 7.4 and basically says that for normal gamers it is average, but for Predator fans or people who enjoyed the moves it offers an opportunity to truly feel like a Predator.

Literally how I feel about this game. I'm going ot go get it again this weekend. I can't wait to unlock the City hunter outfit again.



I actually saw that review a long time ago... way before playing the game... i thought it was saying the game suck... but ONCE I PLAYED IT.... man... i was so shure that review was wrong... this is a really really cool game...

and yeah "you find yourself running around"... but man... you are a Predator! you are not a damn gekido beat-em-all guy.

That Yellow Alien

Ya, that review is really the only accurate review of this game.



Let me    remind that everybody don`t like this game. When i frist time play it i didin`t like it. But now i wan`t to buy it because i`am a collector.


I haven't seen it yet, so I cant say

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