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I really like that in the new intro you can definetly hear melody from Bowie's Space Oddity.

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Tonight from THE MUTHUR ROOM, Dominic Hailstone returns to talk about the death of cinema during the COVID19 Pandemic and films going straight to streaming. We may talk about other things too. Subscribe to Studio Yutani on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/studioyutani

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Tonight from THE MUTHUR ROOM Tristan Jones discusses with me what it's been like in stage 4 lockdown, working through the pandemic and the plagiarism of his work

Strap yourself in, it's a long meandering conversation.


3 hours ?

Just as I love

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Our Raised by Wolves coverage https://yutani.studio/raised-by-wolves/

We are a bit behind due to scheduling for the two of us, we are on opposite ends of Australia.

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Corporate Cards now in for premium content subscribers

I am selling the last signed map, pictured is one I sent out to Damien.
I paid $45 AUD for the map and shipping is $25 which includes insurance. So $70 AUD total. DM me if you're interested.

Zach Rice won our premium content draw giveaway
A copy of 40 Years 40 Artists

We will be giving away a copy of HIDEOUS PLASTIC. Enter here https://yutani.studio/2020/11/01/hideous-plastic-book-giveaway/

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Christmas Banner Design Competition closing soon!


Entry 1


Brought to you by Artists Guild

Just a reminder, entries close 13th December. Voting takes place between the 13th and 24th Dec. Winners are chosen through the most amount of likes on Instagram only but banners will be showcased on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and our blog.

#Repost @studioyutani
• • • • • •
Special call out to all artists and photographers, we will give $100 AUD prize money for the best Alien or SciFi themed Banner(2560 x 1440 px). Your designs will be voted on by likes on our Instagram. Submit your entry by tagging us! Ask your friends to like and vote on your design! Entries close December 13th so hurry 🎄

Studio Yutani reserves the rights to use the banner entries on our YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook Page and Group. Your entry will be a part of our Artist guild where we share your art, profile and give you opportunities to help fundraise for our community. Just recently we had a company reach out to us to contact one of our artists for paid work, this is important to us to help give the recognition they deserve.

#artistsofinstagram #fanart #alien #ai #robotics #scifi #technology #studioyutani

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Introducing the new muthur of Yutani, Matt Jarjosa.

Prometheus Commentary

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Unmasking The Lone Gun-People with Alex White


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