Recreational Board Guidelines

Started by Dachande, Dec 15, 2012, 12:20:07 AM

Recreational Board Guidelines (Read 8,679 times)



Recently the staff have been having some concerns that the Rec Board had been getting out of hand with some members generally disregarding the Rules, and doing what they want. As such myself and ShadowPred have been put in as moderators here just to keep things under check.

The main thing were addressing is how members have been reacting to other members causing trouble. So our main issue is making sure that if there are members causing trouble, members should be reporting the issue rather than getting involved and potentially escalating the matter. Not enough people have been reporting posts, which is why myself and the other staff feel that certain issues have arisen which could have been dealt with better had the issues been reported.

Secondly, something else we will be cracking down on is rudeness between members. General banter and stuff like that is fine when things are taken in good humour. However personal attacks on users, and anything negatively directed towards members won't be tolerated.

Thirdly, and for the time being finally. The Rec Board is for fun and games, and i think sometimes some members can forget that. So everybody just have fun and get along.

We're going to be cracking down on these issues, and anybody who we feel is bending or breaking the rules will be punished accordingly. First using the warning system, and any further action could result in a temporary or permanent ban.

Corporal Hicks

Hi all! I just wanted to drop by to post some friendly reminders.

I know the Rec Board doesn't count towards your post count but I would like to just remind everyone that we do expect you all to follow the basic forum rules. Primarily in regards to how members treat each other. We're pretty worried about some of the bullying that seems to go on and it can make this board quite a hostile and unwelcoming place at time. The attitude can also carry over onto other sections of the forums and it's just not pleasant to read. Please treat each other with respect.

Please try to refrain from antagonizing each other as well. Don't post things on purpose to bait other members into some sort of reaction. And on the other side of that, please don't rise to the occasion if someone is attempting that. Just report the post and let a mod deal with it.

I believe this board to be quite important as it allows us to get to know each other outside of the confines of Aliens/Predator/Prometheus discussions so please let's keep this a pleasant place where members want to come in to get to know their fellows.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to message and ask.

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