dracula vs predator

Started by Nightmare, Jun 15, 2007, 02:23:22 PM

dracula vs predator (Read 3,377 times)



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pWR7tzKlfE            - teaser

this is a old teaser for a movie i was suposed to do, it was never done because the pred fig didnt come from where i ordered it, 6 months later they said they didnt have any pred....so i got an alien(which broke an armyesterday, it didnt ven come in decent conditions).........

anyway, maybe when i get one pred i can do this movie,.

this teaser is from when i couldnt make decent SFX, so it sucks, also it doesnt show anything good (1st video thing i ever made, even older then the JP thing), the SFX are paint made

Uncanny Antman

Uncanny Antman

Yikes, 26 seconds worth of teaser, and only about 60 frames of actual 'footage'? 

It's mostly just title cards.



for some reason it is a teaser and not a full trailer

anyway, the 1st part is suposed to represent a vilage (the houses suck i know)
then the very same village in pred vision

the 2nd part which is the only actuall footage is a bat going in front of a tree
but u cant undersatnd that

the cloaked pred is because i didnt have any pred, so i used a bionicle figure.

i have the script for this movie (if ui eve rmake this there will be some changes)

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