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Started by Corporal Hicks, Jun 19, 2011, 08:34:48 PM

Game Master Aug 2011 Screenshots & Article (Read 16,420 times)

King Rathalos

Quote from: HER Hive's Elite Guard on Jun 20, 2011, 12:11:25 AM
Love how the Drone Design blendes the traditional alien warriors of the second movie with style elements from later movies. Makes them ferocious/predatory-looking yet keeps the strange silent "alien" appearance of past entries in the series.

Thats been my favorite thing about their designs in this game, it's a well balanced mix of new and old.


those dorsal tubes....  >:(

Orbital Nuke


Did you feel that?

It felt like a lightening bolt just hit the tip of my penis.


I took all the messages from the pages and just did this cause i was bored.

Top Left image:
Hang on, they come for you while you're in hypersleep. oh,
okay then, you guys make yourself a cuppa while we break
our teeth and get ready to face the day...

Top-Bottom Left image:
In space...well, there are no bloddy chiropractors limit?
We can hear that distinctive-sounding gunfire...

orange box:

Format- 360, PS3, PC
out- Spring 2012
Developer- Gearbox softare
publisher- SEGA
Players- single-player, multiplayer
What is it?- A first-person shooter set in the world of Xenomorphs and facehuggers.

1st paragraph:
   Gaming has never been short of titles attempting to replicate the anxious, claustrophobic
brilliance of the Alien films. Yet the most notable among them have either Invited Predator
along for the ride(um, 1999's Aliens versus Predator), been impossible hard(2000's Alien Resurrection)
or not really tried that hrad to stick to the USP of the series at all(1992's Alien on the Atari, which gave up
on fear, paranola and corridors and stuff instead offered forth a bizarrevagually
sci-fi version of Pac-man instead).
   Yes truth be told, it's only really in the modern area that gaming has had the tech to host
the Aliens game we've been craving since we first trembeled in fear through the film. Now, six years in the making, Aliens:
Colonial Marines(not to be confused with EA's aborted attempt to giveflight to a game of the same name on
PS2 in 2001) might just be that game. We're thinking CoD with aliens, and we forgot quite how excited we were about
it's existence. We're pleased it's finally here.

>>Top Gearbox
Brought to you by Texan Developer Gearbox Software - best knon for their brothers in Arms WW2 series - the signs are
looking good. It's got proper sci-fi pedigree, having been written by Battlestar Glactica writters Bradley Thomas and
David Weddle, it's looking pretty brilliant too, with art taken from the hand of Syd Mead who produced concept art for
the second film. Yet perhaps best of all is the fact the plot is said to follow on from the events of that very film, Aliens, by far
the outing in the series with the most out and out space carnage.
   We havn't actually got our hands on the game yet, but we're itching to daily. For one thing, the multiplayer experience
sounds thrilling, drawing inspiratio from the N64's GoldenEye and it's quarter screen playground, or Left 4 Dead Drawn and
Quartered. For another it's promising to feature acid blood. As our granfather once told us; he who is tired of acid blood
is tired of life. Roll on Spring


Quote from: Lie on Jun 19, 2011, 10:51:53 PM
I think thats the same face I'd have if an Alien pinned me down, that kinda smile that says "Hey, What time do you get of work? You doing anything later? ;)"

:D  I'm so excited.  I'm ready, man.  Ready to get, it, ON.

The cryo tubes do bring back Gibson's script, and I wonder how many of his ideas they've incorporated?  I would bet that they've at least looked it over.


Good stuff. Thanks for scanning it.

Corporal Hicks

No problem. I don't mind getting these magazines and scanning them in.


It's looking pretty good so far. I can't wait to play it.


Kind of looks like the Alien is kicking the guy in the balls.

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