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Started by jorel04, Feb 27, 2022, 03:23:40 PM

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Hey, everyone!  I wanted to put out for the good of the group that I got the bug (proverbially, of course...) for Alien fan fiction and decided to pull the trigger on writing Alien: Prometheus.  It's going to be based on the Alien: Engineers and Alien 01: Genesis scripts by Jon Spaihts, and my goal with it is to again close the plot holes that I saw in the film while relying very heavily on what I saw as a better version of the film we ended up seeing.  The scripts were more in tune, in my opinion, to the Alien mythos versus the film, which I still can't make sense of in the grand scheme of the Alien universe.  I'll post a teaser when I get to a version of the Prologue and 1st chapter that I like.

In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions of additional material on Alien prequels that were out before Prometheus, please let me know!  I'm interested in making sure that the pre-established canon and mystery still remains relevant in what I make.  Thanks so much for the comments in advance, and please check out my initial version of Alien Awakening that I uploaded!  It's in a similar vein, but what I do with this one may change the narrative slightly in my 3rd book.  If people like it, I'll just rewrite the whole trilogy and call it there. :). Thanks again, everyone!

-- Jordan



Hey, everyone!  I know that it's been a hot minute since I've done an update on this...  This idea really spurred something that I didn't anticipate, mainly due to the realization that the plot holes in Prometheus spiraled into things that derailed Alien Covenant.  So, with the rewrite of Prometheus, I'm going to do the entire trilogy in it's entirety as one big manuscript (Ala Star Wars Trilogy novel style) and name it Alien Origins.  I'm putting back in the things throughout the universe that already made sense, made things more questioned, & (I hope) put steam back into what was a really good idea but got bogged down by (what I believe) a helluva film maker that tried to answer too many questions too fast.  Being a young pup in the Alien fandom, I agree that some things didn't need to be answered - especially in the way they were answered in the film.

What I'll be presenting at the end of this journey is going to be my personal take on the universe.  I absolutely understand that it may not be everyone (and that's absolutely cool), but I hope that you can take some enjoyment in what I put in there when I'm finished.  I started Alien 01 Prometheus right after I made the original post and I'm only half-way through the film and scripts (how unfortunate that I have to be amongst humans instead of working on this, which is much more enjoyable...).  I'll attempt to upload the whole thing into chunks so you can download it, read it, or anything that you like.

For those who've been looking at my posts and wondering, honestly and truly thank you!  I hope to get some feedback so I can fix what maybe I didn't understand or find in the universe while allowing you to enjoy another take at what should've been good movies but (in my opinion) fell short from the original.  Take care, be safe, and stay frosty!!!

-- JorEl

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