Alien: Isolation 2 Reportedly In Development At Disney

Started by Adam802, Apr 30, 2021, 04:12:41 PM

Alien: Isolation 2 Reportedly In Development At Disney (Read 7,283 times)


WeGotThisCovered is truly a reliable source

Voodoo Magic


Like WeGotThisCovered, unfortunately after confirming other stories from this website was total b.s., Hicks added Small Screen to his list of banned sites.


I don't want Alien: Isolation 2.

I want Prometheus: Isolation with angry Engineer(s).
Or Covenant: Eradication - a cosmic strategy. You play as David, develop and improve pathogen, mutagen, create a bio-weapons: xenomorphs, ultramorphs, red xenos, white xenos, neomorphs, biomechanical neomorphs. And destroy all the planets in the Milky Way.

Oh, shi... I just made the best job than these guys.


You did not though RTS' Creative Assembly bread and butter.



Aliens: Isolation

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