Alien Covenant: The Evanus Edit

Started by Evanus, Dec 12, 2017, 06:48:19 PM

Alien Covenant: The Evanus Edit (Read 65,689 times)



May I have a link to your edit?


I would love to check this out please send me a link.   ;D


Quote from: David Weyland on Dec 25, 2017, 03:45:27 AM
Watched your edit and can say it's the best fan edit of Covenant to date. Very well done with the additions that were intelligent & increased my enjoyment of the film, noted excellent use of soundtrack & the 'Life' track from Prometheus.
Plus You also did a very good job with integrating The Crossing into the Motion Picture.

My humble suggestions to tweak though would be:

Shifting Advent to between David's last scene & 'Walter's' Final report & end credits. I think it's info is lost post credits

Add a couple more snippets of 'Meet Walter' (Funny how the room of both Weyland/David scene & aforementioned are the same) if possible

Last Supper ain't my favourite thing but I think that by adding it the characters get a bit more depth & love in terms of reinforcing an epic feeling that your cut I feel is definitely working towards in a very good way with what you've done already. It just feels as a home for all the major extras made like Prometheus Workprint does it needs this

Finally I think a little bit of Phobos also wouldn't hurt perhaps, understand as a whole it's trickiness but thought shock flashbacks interspersed with Last supper or simply a flashback of one of the characters later in the movie(Oram perhaps) during a stressful moment would be freaky.

But regardless..even though I'd probably pay cash for you to add those tweaks somehow, congratulations on a great job, thank you and happy Christmas :)
Thank you!  :) I appreciate the feedback, I'll see what I can do and perhaps I'll tweak a few things later.

Oh and btw, if anyone who asked for a link hasn't received one yet, just message me again. I've received lots of messages so it's possible I might have missed a few. ;D


The changes look like great ideas, would love a link as well!

Ridley 79

Hi and happy new year !!

Having made a recut myself, always curious about new narrative directions about this film.

Would love to have a link as well thanks ;)



May I have a link to your edit please?


Hi Evanus,

i would like to see your edited version.

I post here just in case your inbox is full.


I'd really like to be sent a copy of your edit. It sounds great. PM me a link when you have the time.


Hi there! Really excited about your edit. Please PM me the link if possible? Not sure if your message box is full so I thought I would post here as well.

Thanks again!


Send me a link to your edit please :)


Hi, could I get the link, please? thank you


it was a pure pleasure to watch Alien Covenant Evanus edit. Great work, thanks ;)



Quote from: Xenomort on Jan 28, 2018, 10:57:50 PM
it was a pure pleasure to watch Alien Covenant Evanus edit. Great work, thanks ;)
No problem, thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed.  :)

I added an English subtitle track. I had to do some parts myself so if you find any errors, just tell me and I'll fix them!


Could you send me a link please? I'm curious to see it.

David Weyland

Seeking a fresh link please Sir, old link you sent me is dead. Thank you 😊

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