Alien Covenant: The Evanus Edit

Started by Evanus, Dec 12, 2017, 06:48:19 PM

Alien Covenant: The Evanus Edit (Read 65,657 times)


Would also appreciate a link. Thanks!


This edit sounds amazing and could be the definitive cut of the film. Can you share the link with me please? It would make my Christmas 👍


I'd like to check out you edit mate. If you wouldn't mind.


Yeah I'll take one too. I bought the movie already, I'm clean!


Could you send me a link too please? Colour me intrigued...



I enjoyed Ridley 79's excellent 'Covenant Recut' edit, and would be interested to check out how this turned out too.

So I'd appreciate if you could PM the link also Evanus, thanks.


ive only had time to watch the first 20 odd minutes of it... the re-edited introduction is SO much better IMO! love it!


Quote from: DorkiDori on Dec 18, 2017, 09:09:31 PM
ive only had time to watch the first 20 odd minutes of it... the re-edited introduction is SO much better IMO! love it!
Thank you!  :) 


curious, how did you drop out the music and narration?


Quote from: DorkiDori on Dec 19, 2017, 05:55:27 AM
curious, how did you drop out the music and narration?
I used filters until the music was mostly gone, and I muted the parts where David speaks. Sometimes you can still hear a little bit of the original music, but it's not very noticeable.


interesting, i didnt really hear any signal degradation which tends to be common when dropping out background noises or environment hiss/noise. good job man :) what software were you using?


Thanks.  :) I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro and Audition.


I use Audition for mastering on my music... Ive used their ambient noise elimination tools, they work well for the most part! Good to know youre putting Audition to good use sir! :D


Hello, I'm curious, may I have the link, please?

David Weyland

David Weyland

Watched your edit and can say it's the best fan edit of Covenant to date. Very well done with the additions that were intelligent & increased my enjoyment of the film, noted improved light, excellent use of soundtrack & the 'Life' track from Prometheus.
Plus You also did a very good job with integrating The Crossing into the Motion Picture.

My humble suggestions to tweak though would be:

Shifting Advent to between David's last scene & 'Walter's' Final report & end credits. I think it's info is lost post credits

Add a couple more snippets of 'Meet Walter' (Funny how the room of both Weyland/David scene & aforementioned are the same) if possible

Last Supper ain't my favourite thing but I think that by adding it the characters get a bit more depth & love in terms of reinforcing an epic feeling that your cut I feel is definitely working towards in a very good way with what you've done already. It just feels as a home for all the major extras made like Prometheus Workprint does, it needs this

Finally I think a little bit of Phobos also wouldn't hurt perhaps, understand as a whole it's trickiness but thought shock flashbacks interspersed with Last supper or simply a flashback of one of the characters later in the movie(Oram perhaps) during a stressful moment would be freaky.

But regardless..even though I'd probably pay cash for you to add those tweaks somehow, congratulations on a great job, thank you and happy Christmas :)

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