Prometheus Begins Foreign Run: #1 France

Started by Cory, May 31, 2012, 04:35:37 PM

Prometheus Begins Foreign Run: #1 France (Read 1,152 times)


Ridley Scott's scifi thriller won't debut in the U.S. or Canada until June 8th but it's already started selling movie tickets in France. Fox's Prometheus opened with $1.5M (Euros 1.12m) for #1 in the market and 40% market share. It was the 2nd highest opening day of 2012, behind The Avengers but 20% ahead of Men In Black 3 and 87% ahead of The Hunger Games. In fact pre-sales for Prometheus in a number of countries are many times the MIB3 levels and should increase now that reviews are coming out and the public is getting a taste of the long-secret story and visuals that is/isn't a prequel to the Alien franchise. (Oh for crissakes, Fox, just brand it already...) The 9-day jump on foreign box office is due to the Euro Cup beginning June 8th and running through July 1st, so Twentieth Century Fox wants to open box office early for its big summer blockbuster.

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Salt The Fries

Salt The Fries

And because of Euro Cup, Poland gets Prometheus on 20th of July.

Good to see Prometheus doing well in a big market that is France, though.

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