I'm going to see it in 2 hours

Started by Xenoscream, May 30, 2012, 07:12:31 AM

I'm going to see it in 2 hours (Read 1,516 times)



Hi folks,

I'm currently sat on the Eurostar on my way to Lille in France to watch the movie. I live in London and I'm off travelling around the world tomorrow so I've had to take drastic measures to see it :-)

I've managed to avoid most spoilers having only seen the first two trailers and none of the tv spots etc.. Although I already feel I know to much.

Anyway just thought I would share this little adventure with you guys, I'll post a non spoiler review later, obviously I'm a big fan so hopefully this will reflect how some of you will feel about the movie.

Later!!! :-)


Have fun!  :)

And stuff

And stuff

enjoy!  lucky somb..  :P



You don't make me jealous

Vickers Valiant

Quote from: escroto on May 30, 2012, 07:56:21 AM
You don't make me jealous


To OP, good luck... you might need it.



I'm going to see it in 7 hours from now..in Belgium Hasselt...I live in The Netherlands near Belgium border...

Michael Harper

I'm going to see it in 36 hours and 26 minutes. Okay, not as soon as 7 hours, but hey, it's close haha :D



Tell us about the trip, the vibe of the audience, and tell me what you think of the ending ;)



Hey everyone

Ive seen it!!! I'm currently sat in mc Donald's in Lille on wifi lol.

I'll post my non spoiler review in the other thread.

I must say I've got mixed feelings about it right now... Not too positive I'm afraid.. Well write more in a bit!

Ok review posted.

I also checked some of the spoiler threads I can can see people are already talking about the ending etc.

Well I've got another hour and a half before I head to the station hehe so I guess I'll add the the discussion on other threads.

Tomorrow at 7:25am I fly to Peru via Madrid for 5 months of travel :-) ate crazy really, I've got to get back to London tonight, head straight to the bank to pay in a couple of cheques and then go directly to my leaving party, and then get picked up by taxi at 4:45am tomorrow to go to heathrow... Damn this Lille trip was such a crazy idea, but I don't regret it!


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