For rich people only - H.R. Giger on

Started by Year0, Jun 02, 2023, 07:47:19 PM

For rich people only - H.R. Giger on (Read 760 times)


For those that want a real piece of HRG, there is a website called Artnet which auctions various artefacts of the Artist: early sketches, alternative models, and adolescent scramblings.

You'll never see any prices listed because all pieces are auctioned. And if you want to know an expert's valuation, prices start at $32.50 for a one-day pass. That's what you have to pay just to see.

However: if you sign up for e-mail alerts you receive a general guess for free. Most pieces I've seen start at around 5k Czech Francs (roughly $5.1k). Of course what you'd really pay depends on how aggressive your bidding competitors are.

So if you have a pile of cash sitting around.. this is for you. The rest of us poor slobs can only watch.

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