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Started by rockox, Apr 26, 2023, 02:51:27 PM

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I think this is a relatively new item. At least I haven't seen anyone talking about it. Frankly I'm happy there's finally a commercially manufactured, affordable Xenomorph costume for Halloween. I've been wanting something like this for years.

Items Included:
-Full-Head Mask
-Pair of Gloves
-Pair of Shoe Covers

-100% polyester jersey knit fabric & fiberfill stuffing
-Jumpsuit has a zipper at center back
-Foam-backed & fiberfill-stuffed tail sewn to back of jumpsuit
-All-over printed graphics
-Foam-backed hood/mask covers entire head
-View port through mesh-covered character mouth--will restrict vision
-Fiberfill-stuffed cushion inside top of hood for shape & positioning
-Foam-backed vest has hook & loop fastener strips along right side seam
-Vest has foam-backed & fiberfill stuffed spikes & tentacles sewn to back & shoulders
-Foam-backed gloves have elongated fingers
-Foam-backed shoe covers have elastic bands under foot
-Officially licensed
-Exclusively made by us


I'm interested partially because I'm so amused this even exists. Payday is coming up so I'd totally buy one of these and let you guys know how it is.


I ordered one and it should be here today. ;D The sizing seems a little wonky, as the Medium has a 31" waist, the Large has a 35" waist and the XL has a...19.5" waist?? Anyway, I'm usually a 32/33" waist, so I went with the Large with the expectation that my wife will have to take it in some.

I will likely never have to buy a Halloween costume ever again.


Corporal Hicks

As a cheap already put together piece for Halloween, this is awesome. Hopefully that doesn't sell out, I'd love to grab one of these.


My daughter helped me film a quick video showing the costume for anyone interested. I'm pretty happy with the costume.


Cheesy and simple, I like it.


Quote from: rockox on May 04, 2023, 03:19:42 PMMy daughter helped me film a quick video showing the costume for anyone interested. I'm pretty happy with the costume.
Honestly for $100 that's a pretty rad off the shelf Alien. Thanks for showing it in hand!

Mike’s Monsters

I'm getting one.


Doesn't look too bad. Like a low budget retail version of the aliens unitard suits.


For anyone interested in getting this, the price has gone up from $100 USD in April of this year to the current price of $180-$200. I had thought about buying a second one in case of emergencies (ALIEN COSTUME EMERGENCY!) but probably not at the current price.


I dont thonk its worth $100 but its decent for a holoween costume. Costumes are always way overpriced got what you get. Iv never seen good Batman costume at a costume store, usuly the best ones are homemade.


Looks like the Covenant Alien.


I wore this costume out trick or treating last night with my kids and got lots of compliments. Oddly enough, I had at least a half dozen people shout "HEY, PREDATOR!" at me.

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