Space battle in an Alien/Predator installment?

Started by Immortan Jonesy, Mar 29, 2023, 02:27:22 PM

Would you welcome a space battle in an Alien/Predator installment?

10 (55.6%)
Hell no!
5 (27.8%)
For a TV series
0 (0%)
For a movie
0 (0%)
Just in EU
3 (16.7%)

Total Members Voted: 18

Space battle in an Alien/Predator installment? (Read 2,141 times)


@Local Trouble, are you gonna just sit and let somebody badmouth Randy like that ?


I mean yeah I like space battles but this might be difficult to implement  because the Franchise isn't very flashy and bombastic as Star Wars films but more grounded. However there is sometimes it will such as AvP 2010 for the Predator ship shot down the Marine ship

Immortan Jonesy

I think it wouldn't be so out of place with Predator or AVP. It depends on the story and the execution I guess.

PAS Spinelli

While not really a space battle, we did have a dropship dogfight in Dark Descent

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