Someone made an ALIEN PREDATOR "dakimakura" pillow case?

Started by AVP-CAPCOM, May 24, 2020, 02:56:54 PM

Someone made an ALIEN PREDATOR "dakimakura" pillow case? (Read 5,181 times)



Dakimakura's are popular in Japan and are basically printed art pillow sleeves. Generally they are mostly anime girls for titillation but, like "rule 34", you can also get sleeves printed with every conceivable pop-art.

A studio called BeastSoulArt made some aliens vs predator dakimakuras in 2018/2019. Here they are.

Oh my sides are hurting right now.  ;D

Local Trouble

Is that a crabator?


The chestburster is clearly underaged, call the FBI


Haha! That's my friend! We've been pals for a time and yes she sells these and others. Bless her. I'm going to link her this and watch her flip on discord.


Quote from: [cancerblack] on Jun 03, 2020, 09:42:01 PM
The chestburster is clearly underaged, call the FBI

The dismembered skull and spine in the predator's hand is very "child-like" in size and appearance.

Two felonies for the price of one.


I checked out the Beast Soul Art dakimakuras you mentioned and I have to admit, the aliens vs predator ones are pretty cool. It's a clever idea to combine two iconic sci-fi franchises like that.

Corporal Hicks

BeastSoul is known for her own Rule 34 artwork of the Aliens and Predators. I can definitely see that in the posture and posing on those pillows. Definitely amazing renditions though. She's very talented!

I'll never be above some themed bed covers and pillows though!


I am looking respectfully.


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