I dont know how to send this?!?!

Started by DamianPage, Feb 09, 2010, 10:53:39 PM

I dont know how to send this?!?! (Read 623 times)



Quote from: AvPGalaxy Forums

You have received a warning for posting offensive material in regards to the message:
Player Skill = Death to AvP!.

Please cease these activities and abide by the forum rules otherwise we will take further action.

The AvPGalaxy Forums Team.
I understand your reason for having rules. But I do want to question your reasoning to get rid of a site member. Im a respected AvP player who spent 4 hours last night teaching people how to play. I also convinced them to buy it. I realise being new I might come off as hard to understand. But I would ask With deep feelings that you reconsider taking "action" against me.
I love it around here And While Ill do my best sometimes Its easy to vent around people who feel the same. I too want this game to do good. But as you can see sometimes its a little Shaky with people.

I do want to say that These boards are Treated Greatly by the moderators. I just think at times you guys are a little quick to shoot the gun. We are all friends here I believe we should be treated with Care. Otherwise thats just one more member not coming to the site.

I at least Thank you for reading this.

Chris P

Chris P

I would suggest not posting what they ask you not to post. Simple enough. And they said they'd take "further action" if it continues. Just don't post the kinds of things they took issue with and you should be fine.

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