Was Dutch a money obsessed Burke-type or was he a Pitiful Soldier archetype?

Started by acrediblesource, Jan 03, 2022, 11:40:07 PM

Was Dutch a money obsessed Burke-type or was he a Pitiful Soldier archetype? (Read 1,714 times)



We all know that Dutch is a smart person.
He knows his team is being screwed. He knows his enemy's habits.
But is his moral compass questionable?

-The Subject Title that I wrote is in the past tense and for good reason....
We know  ,based on PHG and Stalking Shadows, that his character turns into a Yautja hunting obsessive. But why doesnt he just leave the field and hide?   Or does his alliance with OWLF have any personal  monetary gain?
He knows the power as well as the healing qualities of the Yautja race but is his story that of obsession? A trait found only those who have been humiliated in the past and is obsessed with avenging someone's death or re-establishing his own pride?

There is a  bit of heart in the Stalking Shadows story line but ultimately the truth really is hard for me to grasp about his character as there are a ton of details of other characters apart from Dutch's. One might say they one who lead's a tight squad is one who embodies them.
Could Dutch be so remarkable because he embodies that of his squad?
His entire team,for instance, often references their fallen in very heart-felt ways. But there are, in some instances, repulsive ego trips that his squad has that might be reflective of his own characteristics- that of the sexual tyrannosaurus or Dillion being Dutch's repulsive mirror image (that's a bold statement which I will stick to  because of Stalking Shadows).

Could Dutch just be a victim of his own experiences and his bonding with acquaintances and want revenge and/or vengeance?

Or does he want money/knowledge/power that could be gained which is why I reference "Burke" from Aliens?

This is where I present a very POWERFUL statement because it puts Dillion and Dutch at political optics that are comparatively inline with each other and adds the  BURKE archetype which presents an element of monumental potential regarding a gain in  intelligence in the biological / scientific realm which leads to monetary value for whoever is involved.
In PHG, the trophies and life longevity that Dutch 2025 had acquired strongly suggests an angle of Dutch worth exploring in a possible sequel film.

I believe the franchise with Dutch would eventually lead to what my Subject Line is asking for.

Would Dutch become something super heinous or become a heartfelt avenger?

It kind of eats away at me.
This is where I foresee Dutch as a doomed  character where his story repeats over again. I could totally see him still being lead into yet another scenario where some organization takes advantage of him and makes him and his team expendable yet again. Leading to repeating the first film scenario. Is Dutch's allure just him being a soldier with a sense of duty or that others think of him as just a mercenary for hire? The term Dutch thinks of himself as apart of is that of a "Rescue Team" but that term, when applied to military persons, would be  with/without casualties and that is more of an objective result. They are still military and carry military fire power (a mini-gun? yeah, there will be blood, no doubt). Maybe  Dutch stating "Rescue Team" was more of an Political Optics treatment or Objective statement of his own personal ambitions that of which conflicts with 'most' of his missions? I don't know. This could all just be character narrative that really doesn't say anything about the actual mission statement but more of a personal moral objective.

I think the way his character has been written (no, ill say directed) in the first film - because Direction (Directors) sometimes can  make evil people display some kind of sympathy/ remorse through music and atmosphere in the audience's eyes. Dutch's motivation is ambiguous until this unknown creature has gotten an edge over people like himself, then a fight persists for 75% of the film. The Direction that takes place at the end makes you feel for his character and his team and that they were victims and would eventually lead to potential future tales. I just don't know whether or not he becomes something for evil or for good. And I think this was intentional.

Maybe we get a director's cut...one going one way and the public release being the other. Hard to say for me and to put the nail in the coffin, I don't know which I would like more because both are kind of cool to explore.
The evil one being something we haven't seen, but the honest and true one is kind of expected.

This image here sells it for me: The artist really  pushes a powerful image of what Dutch could be capable of if he takes advantage- whether or not this is for good or for personal gain, i don't know. This is Dutch 2025 as per a fan custom action figure (i hope this isn't the propose film release date...) I'm just saying...the power in this image presents a tale worth looking into.

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