AvPGalaxy Alien Day Competition - Win NECA Aliens Figures!

Started by Darkness, Apr 25, 2016, 07:00:22 PM

AvPGalaxy Alien Day Competition - Win NECA Aliens Figures! (Read 11,080 times)

Burn the Floor

Happy Alien Day, all!

Whew, favourite scene... that's pretty tough to decide, considering all the iconic scenes in Aliens. I could go with the scene I adored even before I saw the whole movie, being the ultimate badass powered armour vs. Queen Bitch fight, which still gives me chills to this day.

But upon subsequent viewings, I'd have to tag the first ambush when the marines enter the hive, the tension that has been building since first landing on LV-426 exploding all at once, horror piled atop horror, leaving the audience breathless almost nonstop for the rest of the film.

Thanatos ZHE

Happy Aliens Day!
Just like everyone else this is a tough question to answer.  I would have to say that my favourite scene is when the alien rises up out of the water behind Newt to snatch her away to the hive.  So creepy and stayed with me since I first saw it.


Happy Aliens Day!

My favourite scene is when Ripley is overwhelmed and surrounded by all the eggs and all is silent before she goes berserk. It made you realise how much of a dire situation she was in and however she could possible overcome it.


There are many fantastic scenes but I remember one which had huge impression on me when I saw 'Aliens' for the first time. The attack in hive. Remembering the previous film with one xenomorph hidden in the shadows I was very surprised and excited watching massive attack of acid-blood creatures. Camera work in cooperation with fantastic play of light shown well all this unexpected situation for brave marines. What a difference to the original, what a dynamism and action worth a good war film - this is the real essence of Cameron's sequel...

Le Celticant


Nice challenge here! I think my favorite scene is when Ripley is stuck with newt at the top of the Atmospheric Processor, a lift open and reveals with very dramatic (but so well done) lightning the queen that took the lift to get to them. Ripley tells Newt to not look at it while the Queen comes to get them and in an instant Bishop with a dropship comes to save them. Epic, tense, very well done, It made my heart stop for a whole minute!



You're in France aren't you, Celtic? It's UK only.


The whole final Alien assault on the group, the realisation that they missed the suspended ceiling void, Hudson going out on all cylinders and finally Vasquez fighting to the last. "You always were an arsehole Gorman!"  8)

The Alien Predator

My absolute favourite scene is the part where the Marines are being briefed and Hudson is causing hell for Apone. The quotes always get to me every time I hear them. "How do I get outta this chickenshit outfit?" or when Apone says "Hudson, come here... come... HERE...."

Look into my eye

Gotta be "Let's rock!" for me  ;D


When the power gets cut leading up to the suspenseful reveal that they're crawling through the roofing :o


I love the scene where Ripley and Hicks are trying to cut the floor to relese Newt and then Alien emerges out of the water. Beautifull Alien shot and I love the reaction of Ripley. She wasn`t so eager to look for captured marines earlier.

Le Celticant

Quote from: Darkness on Apr 26, 2016, 11:22:24 AM
You're in France aren't you, Celtic? It's UK only.

I'm on Thedus, going to Acheron.
You're right, I miss that part, my apologies!

predator elite

When all hell breaks loose in the hive and the smartguns are given their time to shine


The one scene the always puts a smile on my face is where Hudson is rattling off all the weaponry they have available on the drop ship "We got Knives, sharp sticks..."

Cracked me up the first time I watched the extended edition.

Corporal Hicks

Thanks for all the submissions! The competition is now closed.

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