What bit of knowledge of Alien or Predator do you know…

Started by GreybackElder, Dec 28, 2022, 01:52:02 AM

What bit of knowledge of Alien or Predator do you know… (Read 2,045 times)



That reminds me:


Immortan Jonesy

I always liked this quote from Parker in Alien, because it makes me think of the terrifying possibility if only the Alien had been an organism of natural origins instead of artificial ones...cos nature is f**king lit too, you know 😅👉👈

I can think of how the Alien became the Alien on its homeworld. I mean biological evolution in interacting species as a key factor in genetic mutation of predator / prey. To think that the Aliens had to develop their acid blood to defend themself against something more dreaded than them, is quite terrifying if you ask me. 8) 

I know some people don't like the concept, and as in the case of the Space Jockey, they tend to mention the comics. :P 

Well ladies and gents, those comic takes suck. I mean Jesus! licensed artists sometimes seem to have forgotten about Giger's art, or even worse...they were aware of it but choose to move away to make things more relatable and anthropomorphic (*cough cough* Jon Spaihts *cough cough*).

The Alien's own parasitic life cycle seems made to survive in a very hostile world. I think the video game Scorn get it, and even though it's not canon I'm still passionate about the idea the Alien as part of a Giger ecosystem / planet.

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