Cancelled 20th Century Fox World Parks – Malaysia & Dubai

Started by Corporal Hicks, Nov 03, 2015, 06:24:49 PM

Cancelled 20th Century Fox World Parks – Malaysia & Dubai (Read 55,719 times)

Corporal Hicks

Alien and Predator have both featured at the Horror Mazes that Universal does. I think RidgeTop enjoyed both ones quite a lot.


Brave man! Given my case of creeps playing Isolation on a 55" TV, no way I'm gonna immerse myself into a Horror Maze with the damned creatures!  :D


Alien Attractions VS Predator uses the SFX Coaster from the company Dynamic Attractions


Quote from: ahmad_ on Feb 15, 2022, 02:25:21 PM
Alien Attractions VS Predator uses the SFX Coaster from the company Dynamic Attractions

Or at least, it would have...


One of the things that potentially sucks about not only these parks having their Aliens and Predator content rolled back, but also just Disney taking over the franchises in general, is I fear we'll never end up seeing either of them get the full-on theme park treatment they deserve.

Just imagine an "Aliens/Predator" land at one of the major parks that was basically a colony compound set in a jungle environment, so you had the Aliens half slowly merging into the Predator half with the appropriate rides and theming in each area. It could be fantastic! A dark ride where you've got to escape an Alien attack, only then Predators show up as well? Other rides too, but I loves me some dark rides, so dark rides!!

But Disney's never going to do a whole area given over to R-rated properties in their parks (we all know how that original Alien/Nostromo pitch turned out, and even then they got rid of The Extra-Terror-Restrial Alien Encounter that it morphed into), and even though it'd literally be money for nothing, I doubt they'd want to licence something that big out to Universal either.

So much potential we'll probably never see fully realised.....


gambar bahagian dalam coaster sfx



Quote from: ahmad_ on Mar 17, 2022, 02:23:58 PM
gambar bahagian dalam coaster sfx

That could've been such a sweet Aliens or AVP ride... The Indoor SFX Coaster reminds me of the Harry Potter Gringotts ride at Universal Florida, though this one looks like it's more intense.

Here's a video showing the concept by Dynamic Attractions, and thanks ahmad_ for pointing this out:

You're making me sad! I guess this will just be some generic space theme now going along with Andromeda Base.

Might've at one time been a pyramid theme on the inside? Seen in this video: We know the Dubai one was going to be a colony setting and more of a motion sim / dark ride hybrid:


I guess it's not a space theme, I managed to ask a question to the head of the theme park on Facebook his name is Greg Pearn he said the theme for sfx coaster is still in the works and it's a secret maybe from Universal IP?

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