Rodriguez Confirms Predators Sequel

Started by Darkness, Jul 23, 2010, 02:59:21 PM

Rodriguez Confirms Predators Sequel (Read 39,786 times)


I sure hope they get the scaling right this time , I mean the predators in predators were small. They referenced the two different preds fighting each other when lawrence fishburne said, the big ones run it and the lil ones fight against them. well, when the one that was tied up in their camp was fighting the one that had a jaw on his mask , they looked the same and were maybe just maybe an inch taller than brody. They are tall creatures like 7 feet I could be a lil but think they are around there, was dissapointing to see that they didnt make them badass and taller.I mean look their masks were alsmost as wide as their shoulders looked like they had 5' 11' guys playing the predators



This movie needs a much bigger budget, you can tell with Predators there wasn't enuff money. they really need a $100-150million budget to get the best results. Fox need to stop being cheap and give it a serious budget it deserves.

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