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Author Topic: Question about Master server & NuWON network integration  (Read 4166 times)

May 14, 2021, 03:18:51 AM
Topic on: May 14, 2021, 03:18:51 AM
I am posting this with the hope that is something the nostalgic AVP2 gamers would be interested in.

I noticed the 'official' AVP2 master server has been up for awhile and seems to have decent uptime %.

NuWON is an identical network to the original WON.Net which was created by Sierra studios.  It uses the same exact code base as the original WON.Net network, with a few improvements and modifications.

At the moment I have only done a soft launch of NuWON (technically when i released the new half-life patch for nuwon).

I am gearing up for a hard launch for the network and am hoping to drum up supports and get the community growing a little faster than it has been.

The network is 100% compatible with AVP2 and AVP2 expansion, along with 99% of the original games that worked on WON.Net

I'm almost inclined to make a script that queries the master server and add's each individual server to the NuWON directory server. As that would integrate both the small NuWON AVP2 community and this AVP2 community.

Currently I could use more hosts for the directory servers, routing servers, firewall servers and soon when i have a little more faith in people; the authentication and dbproxy server.

If this doesn't sound interesting then just ignore me and i'll let you be.


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