Capcom Teases Upcoming Announcement that Includes 'Alien vs. Predator'

Started by Corporal Hicks, Apr 15, 2019, 07:32:30 PM

Capcom Teases Upcoming Announcement that Includes 'Alien vs. Predator' (Read 7,975 times)


Well that sucks. I wish they would just realease it online.


@426 my thoughts exactly. It's sad that the last time Predator and Alien were properly featured was in a Goddamn Mortal Kombat game.

And i'm not exactly what you call a fan of Mortal Kombat. Frankly, it's terrible.


On the one hand, an official re-release of AvP Arcade is awesome.

On the other hand, it looks like it's a Europe release only, and 230 euros (or whatever the US equivalent is) sucks.

I guess I'll stick to that online multiplayer arcade emulator (who's name eludes me at the moment).


About 260 dollars not counting anything from the price of shipping.


I would just rather take a downloadable game through XBL or PSN.

bobby brown

That might come eventually. Perhaps it will be included on the Capcom beat em up bundle Vol:2.

After all, it is one of their most popular beat em ups from the arcade era.


That's expensive and looks awful. If it was something I could put into an arcade cabinet, maybe, but it's so unwieldy.
Maybe they could release it as a Jamma compatible so it can be used in existing cabinets?


This is actually kind of infuriating. The first home release that the game has ever seen and it's being held hostage (in advertising) behind a $250 price. Capcom was doing so good this year so I'm utterly confused as to why this was decided upon. As for the device itself? It has good switches but it looks awkward for one person to use unless it's on a table, and 16 games?! With Capcom's vast arcade library and that premium arcade stick? f**k outta here with that. This will flop just like the PlayStation Classic did.

These games should've been in a new compilation release for PC and Consoles. 


$230 is £176 GBP.

I haven't seen those type of prices in videogames since NEO GEO.

Or since buying an original CP-2 CAPCOM board "cartridge" the size of a yellow pages only to discover a workable home system would've been £230-£400 to play it on.

Maybe if I could get this game on some (emu) paradise website which could play this game for free?  ::)

PS- this product will bomb. Like David's (emu) paradise, maybe?


I'm actually kind of interested in why they specifically went this route. For Aliens Versus Predator, I'd imagine they needed Fox to sign off on it.

They seriously didn't think it was for the arcade controller did they? You can just get those and I'm pretty sure Capcom has a few licensed ones so I don't know why that would've been a large draw. What's more is that I was under the impression plug and play was dead. Who gives a shit about the box when emulators are out there and or you can find these titles on digital (save for arcade only titles). Isn't the point of the bundle to make it more lucrative to the consumer to inspire a purchase?

Fox would've had to sign off on a re-release, but this is also a re-release of a product they're pimping to the customer base that only so many can play. Partly because it's in Europe, but who is shelling out 260 dollars and more for a box when the next-gen consoles are right around the corner? The PS5 is expected for next year so outside of nostalgia who is going to be buying this? Your looking at a consumer base who is already limited geographically but also at a base who is old enough to have a disposable amount of cash for a handful of titles.

Now sure arcade's are largely a thing of the past but when the gaming space is expecting to continue transitioning into streaming and there is a want for physical releases, why lock it down on proprietary hardware? Say your box gets damaged or broken, you can't just get a new one outside of warranties so are they expecting repeat purchases specifically out of Europe? This whole thing is just odd and even if not region locked, 260 dollars otherwise is a hefty barrier at this point in the console generation.



Quote from: SuperiorIronman on Apr 16, 2019, 07:20:46 PMI'm actually kind of interested in why they specifically went this route. For Aliens Versus Predator, I'd imagine they needed Fox to sign off on it.

Well people have pined for AVP-CAPCOM (see what I did there?) to be released in a PlayStation 2 or PlayStation Live/Network re-release for years.

Of course such a title (in a physical copy) would have a limited shelf life to shift units before hitting the cardboard cut-out bargain shelf market. So the greedy license renewers decided on a proposed lucrative unit-price-option in a time of scarcity and tightened belts. A stupid move if you ask me in the time of open resource abundance (namely torrents and emulators).

A budget STEAM title with exclusive extras, would've been the better bet, but hey ho.


That could've actually worked had a deal been worked out with something like Neca.
Neca had been doing the AVP Arcade figures and so maybe a bundle with those could've given out a code for download, or came with a copy of the title. Launch a new figure, or bundle old ones people might've missed out on, and simultaneously get the source product into the hands of the consumers.
If a physical release was just going to end up in the bargain bin anyways, why not bundle it with something the collectors will be already looking for to ensure a sale?

Otherwise outside of Sony and Microsoft saying no, I can't see why this wouldn't get a digital release. It might be chasing the trend of the Nintendo classic products, but that's successful because outside of an original console and title, you have to go through Nintendo and the second-hand market which can have horribly inflated prices, but they are games people know and can't normally get a hold of.

If you have to google a classic title, it's lost for a reason. That's not to say that these titles are bad or that nothing about Street Fighter is big (I know better than to say that), but AVP Arcade is a title more people will recognize considering they are big Hollywood monsters. That's something the average public will know anything about and so if this isn't meant to capitalize on the average public giving a damn about titles native to arcades, then this is a niche of a niche of a niche of a niche product that is going to fail hard.


It lacks another stick and set of buttons to enjoy AvP and Armored Warriors in 3 player mode.

Monster Man

Monster Man

Awww this is tight bangin'. I loved this game and have played it with friends multiple time, but the only method to get it was through emulators, I'd only wished they released it on some sorta virtual arcade market thing and now it seems my prayers have been answered ;D.

I even got a giant ass poster for this, and some for a couple of other cool retro arcade games.

Quote from: AVP-CAPCOM on Apr 16, 2019, 07:18:56 PM
$230 is £176 GBP.

I haven't seen those type of prices in videogames since NEO GEO.


Shame they can't update the most recent beat-em-up bundle to include AvP instead. Even if it was a $5 DLC, or something, I'd still buy it.

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