Let's Play Aliens: Thanatos Encounter

Started by Corporal Hicks, Jun 02, 2022, 09:55:33 AM

Let's Play Aliens: Thanatos Encounter (Read 699 times)

Corporal Hicks

We’re travelling back to handheld gaming in 2001 for our Let’s Play of Aliens: Thanatos Encounter, a bird’s-eye shooter developed by Wicked Witch Software (on behalf of Crawfish Interactive) and published by THQ for the Gameboy Color.

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judge death

judge death

To me this was a fun aliens game, and dare to claim its a prototype to alien infestation due to how similair they both are.

Also the code system made it possible to mod the game, I think I made a aliens movie version.

I liked the different values each soldier had. When one lost a soldier one had time to rescue him/her in the hive on the level hidden somewhere. Plus for seeing the drop ship and the technology and powerloader and other items spread out. Also love the atmosphere and design of the freighter and the levels. Last levels where you find eggs in the living quarters of the ships crew was fun to see as it was so different, and then one was inside the hive and its just hive resin everywhere.

I always mistook the alrger xenos sprites for preatorians, and thought the smaller ones were drones and runners.

The queen fight at the end is good too and how the queen dies is quite brutal.

Also I prefer this games idea of making all xenos able to spit rather than having dedicated spitter xenos like in aliens fireteam elite.

BTW: game boy color had slightly better hardware than the original game boy, but both were 4 bit consoles, Game boy advance was a big jump to 32bit.

Good game according to me.


I'm still yet to pick this up, but definitely planning on it. Was the playthrough about 2h?

Corporal Hicks

Not counting the times I died or failed a mission.


So you played this on an emulator? Sorry if you mentioned it in the video, I didn't go through it all.

Corporal Hicks

Yeah, for this particular video I was on an emulator. But I've got the original cartridge and a GBC that I use to play old school.

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