(Allegedly) Bloober Team Was Developing Alien Game Set in Middle Ages - What We

Started by Corporal Hicks, May 14, 2022, 09:24:01 AM

(Allegedly) Bloober Team Was Developing Alien Game Set in Middle Ages - What We (Read 1,010 times)

Corporal Hicks

I'm seeing this make the rounds on social media atm. I'm not aware of the website, so my dubiousness has kicked in. I've not had the chance to really dig into them yet, but just in case.



If true, I think this might have rocked from a immersion perspective but people unfamiliar with the developer's prior work expecting more might be pretty disappointed, especially considering they already did a horror bent Blade Runner essentially pretty superbly with Rutger Hauer in Observer, imagine Alien Isolation but with more rudimentary artificial intelligence and no means of fighting back whatsoever just stealth.

That's Bloober Team's definition "survival horror" without exception, with puzzles, and reality warping in-between.

Apart from a major shake up to their formula I do not see how middle ages fits in at all.


This is a profoundly cursed image.


I will say I wouldn't be surprised though if the new management cancelled this because of reception to The Medium, an overall step down from their prior work in most every respect, but especially reviled because of it's ending that essentially posits that if you have suffered immense psychological trauma (for example a victim of rape) you ought to just kill yourself.


What a shame this got canned, sounds genuinely different and interesting

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