Aliens: Obliteration [Early Prototype Fan-Made FPSC Game]

Started by luckymerc, Feb 15, 2022, 05:36:22 PM

Aliens: Obliteration [Early Prototype Fan-Made FPSC Game] (Read 1,757 times)


I had a little search here and couldn't find much info, but there's a game I found on called Aliens: Obliteration. I'm actually quite surprised that this hasn't been covered in many places. I'll pop a video in here to show you what the early prototype gameplay looks like. There are currently 9 levels (including the Prologue) that are featured when you download the game, but only a few levels are completed (the others are "Work In Progress - Coming Soon).

If you want to try out the game and support the developer, you can go here:

I'm looking forward to when the game is fully developed, as I'll definitely be playing more of it. Enjoy.

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