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Started by Hemi, May 20, 2012, 07:53:17 PM

Aliens : Killing Floor Mod (Read 58,590 times)



All playable characters now also have voicepacks installed, so you can scream like a little girl while playing the Hudson char.

Characters you can play as :

- Gorman
- Apone
- Hudson
- Hicks
- Frost
- Vasquez
- Alien 3 Ripley

If all goes well, release will in a weeks time. Watch the Steam Workshop of Killing Floor for the mods release.

something like this




another night testing the aliens lol...yeah, I dont think whis will survive this one.

and heres another vid of actual gameplay



Time to get facehugged ingame (new mesh implemented):

If you get caught by the facehugger and your team-mates don't get there in time, you will have a limited time before a chestburster pops out off your body.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Some information on the current weapons in the mod. Yes we made a few things up, and its not all canon....but its fun!



Standard issue side arm of the USCM. Came in last minute replacement. Manufactured by Weyland Yutani under contract. This particular weapon has been fitted with a laser sight to aid hip firing at fast moving targets.


Some designs never get old. This weapon has change little over the last century and remains a tried and tested back weapon of choice for the USCM.

M41A - Pulse Rifle

100 rounds of 10mm explosive tipped caseless ammunition combined with an over and under 30mm grenade launcher make this weapon the ultimate bug stomper. Standard issue for all USCM Riflemen.

Ithaca Model 39

Strictly non-issue this weapon is often carried in by specialists as a back up. They tend to find it handy for close encounters.

USCM Breacher

Be it doors or bulkheads there is nothing that the Breacher can't get you into. Smart ammo and barrel rifling allow for either a tight or loose spread giving the specialist tactical options.

M56 Smartgun

The M56A2 is a 10mm general purpose automatic squad support weapon effective to 1,500 meters. The pulse-action system employs a free floating recoil dampened motorised rotating breech mechanism chambered for the 10 mm x 28 caseless round. Integrated optics allow for operation in lowlight and poor visibility conditions.

M240 'Incinerator' Flame Unit

The M240 Flame Unit is a lightweight, carbine-format flamethrower designed for use in close combat at the squad and fireteam level. Using pressurized, ultra-thick napalm fuel as a base ignited by a nozzle burner, the M240 can shoot flame at targets up to 30 meters.


The X4 is a lightweight 40 mm six-shot revolver-type grenade launcher. Useful for saturation and crowd control. In close quarters it can be as much a threat to the user as the enemy.

UA 571-C Sentry Gun

The UA 571-C is a man portable automatic perimeter defence system currently deployed by the Colonial Marine Corps. Only properly trained Specialists can operate these units.


Portable Hand Welder - Gas powered cutting torch and spot welder. Uses compressed hydrocarbon fuel contained in a refillable internal reservoir bottle. - Standard issue for all marines.

TNR Shoulder Lamp - The TNR lamp runs off a rechargeable internal battery and incorporates a carrying handle so that it may be detached and used as a hand torch. - Standard issue for all marines.

Motion Tracker - The modern motion tracker is a simple surveillance device originally designed for use by rescue and police services. Essentially, it is a high-powered ultrasound scanner that uses doppler-shift discrimination to filter out moving objects from stationary background.

K52 Medical Kit - The medical kit comes in a hold all containing a full field medics supplies that any marine can use to patch his wounds. A stimulate delivery system is also available that is capable of pumping enough drugs into a wounded marine to make him continue as if he were unharmed. Due to it's unstable nature only trained Medics are also equipped with the system.

Corporal Hicks

So the Sentry Gun is in this too? It's all looking good - that face-hugger looks very nice. Doesn't seem to quite fit round Whiskey's face in the screenshot though? From the footage, the Pitbull looks like it has a nice kick!  :)



Almost there, only the trailer and some slight adjustments. The server is open to the public on :

There will be 1 more update before we put the files open to the public. Meanwhile you can frag aliens on our server.


Thanks Hemi

chupacabras acheronsis

did you give them more lips? they look great



The mod is released :



there single player mod?




Quote from: aliens13 on Nov 30, 2012, 10:01:32 PM
there single player mod?

Yes, but youll have to follow the instructions


Guess I'll write up a quick review

First things first, this mod is very very hard. Me and one other person found ourselves dying on round 2/3 most of the time, so I never got a look at some of the higher level xenos. The Aliens themselves look very nice (No tail sails!!!!) and are extremely deadly. The marines on the other hand are good, but not great. Their armor just seems a little cartoonish, but when aliens are clawing at you left, right, and center, you tend not to notice. You also get to play as the characters from the movies, like Hudson and Apone, who come with their own custom dialogue taken straight from the film, which is a nice touch. Weapons and equipment are great, period. The Smartgun is a blast to use, and really makes you feel like a badass (That is until you get facehugged, those things are terrifying!). The sentry gun is a great tool for locking down areas, combine that with a few welded doors to make a choke point and watch the bodies drop. I found that the motion tracker in this mod, unlike the one in the deadspace mod, was surprisingly useful, and saved my life more than once. Marines have 3 classes to choose from; rifleman, Medic, and specialist. The specialist is the heavy hitter, armed with a shotgun and a 30% price drop on the smartgun, he packs one hell of a punch. The rifleman is your general purpose, Pulse rifle carrying infantryman, but don't let that discourage you, the Pulse rifle is a mean weapon that cuts xenos to bits. I unfortunately never had the chance to play as the medic, but I have the strangest feeling he heals people. But not everything is great, my biggest complaint is that there is a very small number of maps, some of which don't exactly give of an "Aliens feel". My favorite map so far is Hadley's Harbor, a container area in the Hadley's Hope colony from the film. The other maps that I really enjoyed were Derelict, set within the Space Jockey's flight room (YOU CAN SEE THE CHAIR!!!) , and Atmosphere processor , which is just a re-skinned version of KF-Elecfields. But the addition of an Atmosphere processor in the background, a new skybox, and the USS Sulaco in orbit, the map just feels so much more fun to play on. Then there's the other maps. Hadley's Hallway is by far my least favorite of the bunch. It's a very long, wide hallway with Aliens spawning on either end. Another map I wanted to talk about is WY Transport route (forgive me if I got the name wrong ), it's essentially a rode in a forest, and just doesn't feel Aliens'ish. My biggest complaint is probably the lack of confined maps, a part of me really wanted to play on maps that resembled the corridors of Hadley's Hope, but sadly, that was not to be. Like I said before, I barely progressed in the game, due to the extreme difficulty (PinkiePie645 or what ever you're name is, you are a trooper and I thank you for staying in the game), but that did not stop me from having a really fun time. This mod is great, WolfPackClan really outdid themselves this time, and despite a few complaints, i highly advise anybody who cared to read this review to download this mod. I'll give the Aliens KF mod an 8.8 out of 10.

Pros: -Aliens look great
        -weapons and equipment look and sound great
        -Game is very hard
        -Most of the maps look great
        -Tracker is a step up from KF Deadspace

Cons: -Not enough maps
         -You really need alot of people
         -Some maps are not so great
         -Weird armor

P.S. Almost forgot to talk about the chestburster mechanic, if a buddy does not shoot a facehugger off, it will fall off by itself and die, and then a chestburster pops out at a random time! 



The lack of maps is due to their highest point. I mean most of the sci-fi maps fitting with the theme are long narrow corridor maps, which is fine for the basic xenos yes, BUT the Queen can't fit in those corridors and maps so Hemi, Whiskey and the other guys working on the mod were supposed to search for big open or closed but high enough maps for the queen. Otherwise they had to rework the whole map for the Queen to fit. I (as Hammer tool mapper) don't know how time consuming is to do this in the UDK but I think its a lot more than to fix the map's measurements in Hammer. I hope this clear the thing about the lack of maps in the mod for ya ;)



Hadleys Harbor is a Reskin aswell im afraid. We are no mappers, but there are some goodies on the way. We put some folk to work on maps.

The reason they are reskinned aswell is the music of the films. When you download the mod(so not just join the server), you get the music of the first 3 movies on those maps.

(Atmosphere Processor / HadleysHallway / HadleysHarbor / Derelict / Xenoish)

Mapping is a pain yes, but give it some time. We will create a few new mappacks along the way, first one will prob be released this month.


If you modders can't even portray the aliens as they really are as well, then we are done.

I can (I can't actually) understand developers have to downgrade the imposing size of the alien and the way It walks (the human-born alien) to satisfy the needs of the cancer that the casual audience is and kids alike, making them look like tiny space lizards but the same coming from modders is another all together.

I was expecting a better portrayal of the human born alien for this mode seriously, Well, you eventually got infected by Fox retardation and failed as well. I wish you the best of luck with the mod and those lolalien toons with tail sails and crawling all the time like If they all were the alien runner. I for one will check this one out just to see how It goes.

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