Jim and John Thomas suing Disney to reclaim Predator rights

Started by Kailem, Apr 16, 2021, 12:46:54 AM

Jim and John Thomas suing Disney to reclaim Predator rights (Read 46,553 times)


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I can imagine they want to take control over a franchise since they wrote the first two, saw what the third had in terms of potential and ripped their hair out over AVP and the latest installment. I just think they want to bring the franchise back to a place where the creative control was far more important than making it on par with the MCU which i think is what would happen if Disney took the reigns. The franchise would start to become more PG 13 and adventure based which wasn't the point originally. And you can bet their network of directors are pressuring the bros to take control.

Granted, the game is a little different and does sport what we as fans want. Illfonic forum members are very vocal about what they want to see but ultimately PHG has it's own unique take that I think has something going for it. But it does have a very adventure theme currently rather than a gore fest.

As far as films go, I believe the brothers just don't want Disney marketing the film as something that is accessible as possible to all audiences and taking it back to it's roots.

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Great post! And this has been my line of thinking as well that the brothers' simply want to get they're deserved piece of the pie. But ya the trademark aspect further confirms that renegotiating the license would be the most financially smart move for the brothers to make.

Pretty sure Disney said they would not be dropping the R-rating lol

Voodoo Magic

Quote from: PAS Spinelli on Apr 19, 2021, 10:08:25 PM
Franchise going into coma, lets f**king goOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Bug hunt wilson

Bug hunt wilson

With them having the lawyer that won the Friday the 13 case I  think it's going to be hard for Disney to win.Unless disney screw around copyright laws like they did the last time.I am with the brothers they have the right to gain the right to their franchise and if they do win I think I can make it a couple of years without predator content.

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Quote from: PAS Spinelli on Apr 19, 2021, 10:08:25 PM
Franchise going into coma, lets f**king goOOOOOOOOOOOOO



What's crazy about this is May 27th is still kind of far off. 
Would suck for "Skulls" to continue on as normal, only to find out they need to shut down at the end of May.

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Yeah, it certainly would be a crushing blow.  :-\


All the more reason for Disney to get a deal done.

Voodoo Magic

Get a deal done?

If you mean Disney recognizing the Thomas Brothers as the new US copyright holder and pay the Thomas Brothers for the usage of Predator for the next few years or so, the most opportune time for that was between the notice and the termination date where Disney was granted exclusive negotiation rights (like Skydance was with Terminator). But that time has passed. Maybe one big ruling not in Disney's favor could change their tune on that though? We'll see.

In regards to Disney purchasing the copyright from the Thomas Brothers, or what some have suggested in paying the Thomas Brothers off? Who says it will be for sale? I guess it could happen? Maybe? But we probably shouldn't speculate on the Thomas Brothers' motives here. I wouldn't speculate a payoff is what they truly want. I wouldn't speculate Predator is for sale. They may truly want Predator back. All we know is per the lawsuit - that the Thomas Brothers want to claim what is rightfully theirs per US Copyright Law. They want US Copyright ownership of Predator back. What their plans are if successful is anyone's guess.


How can they recognise them as the new copyright holders before they're the new copyright holders?

QuoteWho says it will be for sale?
Who says it won't be?

Honestly, where is the notion that they want to sit on it even coming from? Is there any indication that they've been so unhappy they'd rather nuke the entire IP from orbit than cut a deal? The wording of the complaint is about all we've got, and that talks heavily of negotiating a new license agreement. Everyone's acting like it's the most likely outcome of them getting the copyright, but nobody has any reason to believe that outside of projection or paranoia.

Does anyone think Fox or Disney would renegotiate if they didn't have to? This is the legal recourse to get a renegotiation that levels the playing field. There's really not much other benefit to it.

Taken at face value, the only thing that seems to suggest a risk is Fox/Disney not wanting to pay any extra, not the Brothers taking their toys away and leaving the playground. If they do decide to do that I really wouldn't be surprised if it's because Disney/Fox tried to screw them, not because that was their master plan.

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I'm sorry to have been somewhat paranoid and dramatic.  :-\


I was more taking a dig at people who clearly have an issue with Disney owning the IP and projecting their feelings onto the Brothers :P

F13 has caused a bit of apprehension, but the rights for F13 have always been a nightmare. Long before the Miller case the franchise was split between Paramount and New Line. Then they kind of got their act together and this was just the latest in a long line of complaints. And even THEN, it's because they're not even sure Miller had a right to do what he did. It's been a mess since the 90s.

But if Miller had just got the rights and that was the end of it, you think he'd just sit on it? Hell no, he wants a better cut. You can't get a better cut when the income is $0.

Immortan Jonesy

And now the Thomas brothers are being represented by the same intellectual property attorney who represented Miller in the legal battle for the F13 rights. I hope Disney ~ FOX don't try to screw the brothers, so the worst projection (at least for some) won't becomes a reality.


Dude got the win even when the writer himself admitted it was work he was asked to do; he's probably thinking himself lucky this time it's clear-cut :D


QuoteHonestly, where is the notion that they want to sit on it even coming from?

It's nonsense.  If anything they'll exploit it in order to pay their legal costs.

(Unless they're suing Disney for damages?)


I believe the complaint does specifically ask Disney to cover costs of the legal dispute.

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