Jim and John Thomas suing Disney to reclaim Predator rights

Started by Kailem, Apr 16, 2021, 12:46:54 AM

Jim and John Thomas suing Disney to reclaim Predator rights (Read 46,315 times)


The wording of the complaint heavily angles that way.

People use F13 as an example of it killing the franchise, but the problem there is there's a huge contention over whether the provision was even allowed to be invoked in the first place. The original F13 script was written on request of the producer, Sean Cunningham, which would make it work-for-hire -- but because they never made a formal written agreement calling it that, the author said it was legally a spec script.

Voodoo Magic

I found this pretty humorous. Not the video itself but the picture they used. That's not a Thomas Brother. Who the heck is that guy?  :laugh:


It looks like home brand Miguel Ferrer  :laugh:

Nightmare Asylum

Now I miss Miguel Ferrer. :(

Voodoo Magic

Well this is embarrassing, they got it from Xenopedia. :-X

Xenopedia is using pictures of twin brothers John and Jim Thomas, owners of north Albuquerque restaurant El Pinto. ((facepalm))

Nightmare Asylum

That is about the most "fan wiki" thing I can possibly imagine. :D


The inevitable result of not cleaning it up.


 :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

God damn it my cheeks f**king hurt !


Plot Twist: John and Jim Thomas, owners of north Albuquerque restaurant El Pinto, actually created Predator.


Omg that's hysterical lmfao


Barring a recent photo I'm pretty sure they could've used that one photo from an interview they did. It's even the first result in Google Images. Which also is from here apparently.

Voodoo Magic

They are welcome to use this one.  ;D


I bet they just leave the thing as it is just like the Michael Bishop page for example.



This happened because the brothers transferred the rights to Fox(then disney when they bought them) because copywrite lasts a lifetime correct?


I didnt read the second article. Do your think Skulls wont happen?

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