[Insider Gaming] A New AAA Alien Game is in Development

Started by Adam802, Nov 22, 2022, 05:08:25 PM

[Insider Gaming] A New AAA Alien Game is in Development (Read 741 times)


Yas!!! survival-horror!!!


Isolation 2 will be fine if they make some gameplay tweaks.  I'm not a fan of waiting in spots for five minute spurts.  I got real world shit to do.  I have real world shit I'm supposed to be doing when I play normal games to, but I'm usually not thinking about it when I'm playing them. 

It had excellent world building and presentation though. 

If it is going to be the same style of gameplay as the first isolation, I'd personally rather have the Marine FPS number 3000. 

We still haven't gotten that game.  ALL of them, even my favorite of the bunch, AvP2 has failed (which was a great game but to me always felt like it captured the spirit of Jurassic Park better than it did Alien series). 

I want to play as a Marine, chasing the infestation across space stations and ships and colonies of places WE HAVEN'T BEEN BEFORE (get off of LV 426 plz), in situations we haven't been in. 

Like I want to be a crewmember with very limited ammo on the outside of a ship, or asteroid, etc having to hunt down an Alien as it actively hunts you.  I want to go to a space station that is like an agriculture hot spot for a earth bound colony, and then stop an infestation from killing the civilian NPCs of said space station.  I want to get in a dropship and follow an escape pod from the agriculture space station down to a colony world and get in massive confrontations with more equipment than just a pulse rifle or smartgun.  I want APCS.  I want tanks.  I want to call in orbital strikes on hive entrances.  I want to call in CAS with dropships or other aerial equipment.  I want to wreck shit in a modern take of the MAX suit.  I want to do it with a Platoon of other Marines, or world side security forces, OR THE ARMY.  I want to be the platoon synthetic and stop a company synthetic from taking an Alien offworld etc etc etc

Part of the reason that people are tired of the Marine take on things is that they actually just kept doing the exact same shit.  There is no reason that 2002s AvP should be more IMMERSIVE than the newer titles.  Somehow they keep making Marine campaigns with limited scope.

I want a Marine campaign with a big scope, where the Aliens were as dangerous as the first AvPs.  You have the advantage at range, but the rebar fingertip from the biomechanical alien is the kiss of death.

It doesn't even have to be a Marine.  It could be anybody that can physically pull a trigger of a gun that can kill an Alien. 

I've also thought about having that same idea, but it being used in a precursor force to the USCMC.  Like the outer expeditionary defense fleet.  You have an organization wrecking battle with the Alien and then they reorganize into the United Americas and establish the USCMC or something.

The immersive combat trooper vs Alien experience just hasn't happened yet.  And I can't really understand WHY it hasn't happened. 

And I'm not talking about a COD arcade clone.  But a FPS establishing a world with weight, with areas to explore and get immersed in. 


Quote from: Kimarhi on Nov 24, 2022, 08:15:44 AMI'm not a fan of waiting in spots for five minute spurts.  I got real world shit to do.

You didn't have to though, I never used lockers, I danced around and under tables with the alien close by, not seldom in the same room, creating distance between us, staying on the move. Quite exciting.


I didn't either really aside from the start.  My gameplay method was to hold the motion tracker out and walk backwards from the Alien the whole game.

Also not a fun experience. 

If you liked it though, good for you. 


Do you not enjoy Ghosting in Splinter Cell? I dislike your oversimplification.


Quote from: Kimarhi on Nov 24, 2022, 04:54:05 PMMy gameplay method was to hold the motion tracker out and walk backwards from the Alien the whole game.

That's quite impressive that you managed to do that and still get to the next objective. You should've streamed it on twitch, would've watched.


It was not a perfect run by any means, but it worked the best for me in that I was constantly moving.  If you pressed into something you could just go left or right until you couldn't move anymore or got around the obstacle. 

Didn't work where androids were present, or more than one Alien.  But usually there is just the one Alien. 

Also didn't use it during the story part of the game where no aliens were present......



Sounds like BS to me. No offense Kimmy.

Perfect timing from Mandalore;

Crazy Rich

It's certainly... a take?

For me Isolation remains to be one of the greats in my catalog, and I even did 100% in achievements once on Xbox then I think it was last year when I did 100% again on PC.


Quote from: BlueMarsalis79 on Nov 25, 2022, 04:59:22 PMPerfect timing from Mandalore;

Clever and fun review! But a bit late to the party?

The Cruentus

There is never a lateness to reviewing a product, hell you could probably go back re-review something if you think you have a new perspective to add.



This great amount of games under the IP of Alien gives me hope that Dead by Daylight's next licensed chapter will be Alien.

The Xenomorph as a killer and Ripley as a survivor would be amazing!


As awesome as this is that we could be getting up to four new Alien games in the near(ish) future, I do have to agree with The Shuriken; it would be nice if we could maybe get at least one new Predator game to go along with them too.


So if this rumor is true then that means 3 new alien games in the making now?

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