Aliens: Colonial Marines Alien Tension Trailer

Started by ikarop, Aug 13, 2012, 07:10:29 AM

Aliens: Colonial Marines Alien Tension Trailer (Read 18,349 times)


Definitely hyped for this, February seems like such a long wait. If they add that classic Aliens Battle track from the movie which they used in the trailer, a good few unique action setpieces, and a 10 hour long campaign - I'm sold!

I do hope they start to use the iconic pulse rifle sound (I'm deeply confused as to why they seem to have opted not to :/) but I'll get over it. As long as they deliver a fun experience and atmosphere which immediately makes me think I am in the sequel to one of my favourite films, I'll be happy. Although I am easier to please, probably not what you'd consider a hardcore gamer or fluff fanatic, but at least I'm not on my own :).


Pssst, Gearbox, we don't give a shit about the guys making the game trying to hock it, pretentiously having bleepy graphics pop up around their heads.

Show us the game.


PFC Hudson

I'm glad they are making an effort to put out "new" previews to ease the long wait. However, I agree with those who say it's  pointless to keep showing the same footage. I think they want/need to keep the levels surprising. I also believe releasing new footage once in a while, to show progress in development, will keep the fans sane.


Also did anyone lol at the marine saying "friggin'" like really?

Ash 937

How many times has Pitchford admitted that he's "stolen" from Aliens while advertising for this game?  I lost count a very long time ago.

Btw, this trailer was better than the first two imho.


Didn't Randy Pichford and his cronies give the same bs hype for Duke Nukem?


So where was the tension in this trailer?


Pop quiz: are the 'kill streaks' / 'achievement unlocked' / etc text in the single player? Or just the MP? 'cause I can see that distracting somewhat from the tension building if it's in SP.


Quote from: ajm on Aug 14, 2012, 08:52:17 AM
Pop quiz: are the 'kill streaks' / 'achievement unlocked' / etc text in the single player? Or just the MP? 'cause I can see that distracting somewhat from the tension building if it's in SP.

From what i saw at PAX it was only multiplayer.


I actually enjoyed that. Looking forward to when it finally comes out.


These videos are going to end in an epic fail if they arnt carefull, STOP trying to get people to pre-order it and concerntrate on making a DECENT game.

I'll be getting this whatever but I genuinely care for the franchise and after avp2010 (and the avp films) the last thing we need is another crappy game!

All the boasting is pointless if you don't make a good game!


Just noticed, a 10 year old boy has clearly intruded on GBX HQ at 3:45 and started doodling on the computer screens!  :o

Bjørn Half-hand

Really don't like the 'blue dots friendlies-red dots aliens' motion tracker.

They talk about tension but wouldn't it be far more tense if you weren't sure whether that approaching dot on the tracker was friend or alien?

Seriously I really hate the goodies blue, baddies red thing. MP especially would be better with all dots blue.


Kinda getting sick of peoples griping... just wait till this game comes out. You'll be pleased.

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