Alien: Specimen - 40th Anniversary Short

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Alien: Specimen - 40th Anniversary Short (Read 31,107 times)


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But it underscores another fact that Alien 3 was Removed from the likelihood of reality.


The film was millions of miles away from what would likely happen in real life, even factoring in all the requisite sci-fi trappings.

-unlikely that an alien egg would be on the sulaco.
-unlikely that the crew of Sulaco wouldn't do a multi-redundancy check for Alien life forms.
-unlikely that the EEV would end up on a prison planet which happens to be nearby.
-unlikely that the EEV would land right by the penal colony as the medic walks by.
-unlikely that the dog / face hugger interaction would have yielded the results in the film.  Most likely, it would have ended just like in Alien: Specimen.

Retcon it.


Presumably you don't agree.  Which is fine.  Feel free to share your perspective.

Local Trouble

Or you could just ask for a bite of his Big Kahuna Burger.


Only on this site could we delve into timeline questions and motives on a short movie.

Also I don't understand the Dog counter points. The Dog is literally the entire plot point of the short from start to end , not the Alien.

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Yeah, you paraphrased, sure, ergo using quotes was incorrect and bad form.
It was neither? I regularly use quotation marks for paraphrasing because on the forum if I wanted to do a direct quote I'd

Quoteuse the quote function

I don't understand why you're getting so upset about this? It's not like I completely twisted the meaning of your words or put up a straw man argument, I just paraphrased your exact wording and kept the meaning. If it bothers you so much I won't do it again ???

QuoteHere's another real quote of mine: "The editing, camera angles, were always counterproductive to establishing tensity." And it's my opinion.
Damn dude, I'm just trying to see if you've got specific examples because I'm interesting in seeing it from your perspective. Why are you so cagey and defensive about it? This is a discussion board, people are going to ask you to elaborate from time to time.

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Only on this site could we delve into timeline questions and motives on a short movie.


You know us all to well brother!

The Old One

The Old One

The AVPG community enjoys repeats apparently, lol.

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Anyone who frequents this forum likes to be told the same thing over and over.


We can't help but dissect.

Otherwise it just won't make sense.



Lady in this short obviously didn't like dogs. Maybe they should have starred a cat. A cyborg cat...


That was really good! Jolene Anderson really delivered I thought, even when the montage song pulled me right out of it, her performance made it work, couple of things that could have gone better but all in all I really enjoyed this one

Over reliance on atmosphere shredding facehugger sound fx that sounded out of place to me

Facehugger that inexplicably hangs around for the money shot raised an eyebrow for me
Acid for blood, why hasn't that shovel disintegrated? Especially since it's 'spit' just melted the ground.

Main character could have shown a tad more fear, surprisingly cool given the circumstances.

Still I enjoyed the atmosphere and she did a great job of fleshing out her character, with very limited time I still got a good feel for the main character. This one could have been a tad longer, I think might have worked better to up the tension


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Over reliance on atmosphere shredding facehugger sound fx that sounded out of place to me

The worst for me was when they played the very distinct sound of the facehugger emerging from the egg in the original film, and the facehugger -- stayed off-screen and did nothing? Putting a sound so inextricably related to an attack off-screen and signalling nothing was just a lazy move.

The Old One

The Old One

Squeaky Alien. lol

Voodoo Magic

I was this close to picking "Squeaky Alien" as my username here.

Local Trouble

I knew I'd seen Jolene Anderson before.

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