Started by Blackdawn, Sep 15, 2023, 11:02:02 PM

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Anyone who has a rant, comment here. I'll start.

Just because someone is wearing gloves doesn't mean that person is being sanitary. I've been working with fresh food for 20 years. I can pass random health inspections from the state, corporate and our sanitary supply company. My department passes with flying colors cause I run a tight ship when it comes to being sanitary.

I went to a pizza place once and watched the cashier take my order who touched her mask, touched face , touched the keys on the register, grabbed the lids to our cups and fumbled with them where they dropped but she caught them by pressing them to her chest, handed them to us then stuck her hand in our cups and handed them to us.

Just because she was wearing gloves doesn't mean she's sanitary. I declined the kids and cups and I just recently sanitized my hands and grabbed the cups and lids myself where I wasn't touching the other lids and cups to keep our germs to ourselves. Afterwards, I watched that cashier for 20 minutes wearing the same gloves, touching her face and register and putting her hand in people's cups and hand it to the customer.

I'm called mean at work because I don't put up with that. That's friggin gross. I go through gloves like crazy in my department as we're changing gloves every 10-20 minutes. I even had one guy with me who sneezed, blew his nose and was gonna walk out into the floor without changing his gloves. I made him change his gloves.

Was at Subway once and thankfully saw an employee since off to the side into the floor with her hands lifted high above her head. Manager told her, "God bless you."

Employee said, "Thanks."

Manager replied with, "Now change your gloves."

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Local Trouble

Local Trouble

Ever seen anything like this?



Quote from: Local Trouble on Sep 15, 2023, 11:26:26 PMEver seen anything like this?


Ahh!!!!! My eyes! My eyes! I can't see! The horror!!!

And I was getting ready to eat too. 😂




now i feel better

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