[Video] Noah Hawley Introduces Alien

Started by Gimitko, May 19, 2023, 11:24:24 PM

[Video] Noah Hawley Introduces Alien (Read 4,734 times)



Found the video of Hawley introducing a screening of Alien in Austin a month ago.


"When FX asked me what do I think about adapting what is now a franchise, but for me it was always this film..."

He also said hes been talking to Ridley and "the first year will be 8 hours", confirming it will be 8 episodes and hinting at a planned second season.

Talked about the existence of 6 movies demystifying the Alien and his goal being to remystify it again.

Nightmare Asylum

Ooohh, I'm glad this has finally been dug up.  Good find!


Remystify eh? We'll see. I'm always skeptical of claims of that nature.

Still Collating...

Being set on Earth and a cyborg using dual blades doesn't scream to me as remystifying something :laugh: but I'll give him a chance of course to be proven wrong. I really want this to be good and succeed and have more seasons.


All I ask is ovomorphing scene.



From the concept art, it looks like its going to be mashed together from props used in a different set of a different show but following the same vibe. I mean, if you mash Silo, Extrapolations, Ark and some props remade from Alien Covenant, you pretty much salvaged enough props to make the show already.


I'm really trying to stay in the dark with this series as much as possible. I like the idea of him trying to remystify the alien again. I just hope he doesn't explain away the origins and everything.


Hope that the show runners daughters complaint that Alien was abit slow doesn't influence this series to have a too fast pace that rushes away barely having character development, lacking suspense and tension, expository dialogue and break neck scene transitions. Tones and action from AlienS can be applied to the show as long as it isn't rushed.

Still Collating...

From watching the video, I am conflicted. What we've heard from him multiple times, I really like. Everyday life of the average worker, class struggle, long periods of building the world and atmosphere till the Alien shows up. And the scary, horror moments in Legion were fantastic! I know he can do great horror if he wants to. That's gold!

But then what's up with the synopsis? :laugh: A special cyborg dual wielding swords, uncreative names, set on Earth pre first Alien, making a whole city literally being controlled and called Prodigy city? :'(

Things that sound crazy on paper can be turned around if excecated beautifully. It's possible. I am scared, but intrigued as to what we'll get!


Sure. Why not. Let's just see what the trailer looks like when it comes.

Lv 426

Lv 426

Please..Dont suck!



I'd love to see the Alien be less-animal like (everything from Aliens on...) and portrayed more as an intelligent species (e.g. "Kane's son") - the way I thought it was portrayed in Alien.



I always thought "Kane's Son" was just a fan meme, until i realized Ash had actually said it. Quite frankly what he did is about as insulting as telling someone they had an illegitimate child with a dog.


I hope this gets a subtitle and isn't just called Alien.

David Weyland

Remystify probably means more world building, less Xenomorph action as such on screen
Probably a dollop of what we want to see to start but will be rationed out for awhile with an incremental uptick across the episodes towards the finale 😄

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