Possibly not going to be a HULU exclusive in the US after all

Started by Predalien39, Mar 05, 2023, 12:16:03 AM

Possibly not going to be a HULU exclusive in the US after all (Read 2,046 times)



There are rumblings at the moment, that Disney may sell off its share of HULU in the near future.  Most likely to Comcast/Universal, if the rumors are true.
If that's the case, all their 20th Century Studios content would be absorbed by Disney+, and most likely have its own section (STAR) like it does in International territories.
I guess it just depends on when/if this happens and how fast the transition is. 

Nightmare Asylum

Could very well be that Hallett is misinformed/misspeaking in this Instagram comment, but still, I figured it was worth a share:

Comment originates on this post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CseJPJdo5wu/

I want to believe.

Necronomicon II



This is there are two Fox movies that were going to come out on Hulu and Disney+.

The Boogeyman and A Haunting in Venice

And Disney changed their mind and they premiered in cinema.

The president of Fox said that Alien would come out on Hulu as Prey BUT he said the same thing about A Haunting in Venice almost two years ago ( box office flop Death on the Nile ). President Fox  said only  very comercials movies in cinema but...

Bog Iger came later and said that cinema is more important than platform and A Haunting in Venice is released in cinema.

He is generally watching horror movies like Smile that were for the platform and premiered in theaters.

I think Iger can change his mind with Alien Romulus and have it released in theaters. He will depend on the test passes.

I also think that if Iger were there before PREY was released, it would have been for a theatrical release like The Boogeyman.


Also with the strike/s they may be desperate for content to send to theaters.

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