Predator stolen technology theory

Started by (Bad Blood), Aug 12, 2022, 03:42:33 AM

Predator stolen technology theory (Read 211 times)

(Bad Blood)

So I have seen this idea that Predators/Yautja stole their's becoming quite popular and I'm seeing it often, I personally think it is ridiculous. So it is claimed by some that Predators stole thier technology from another species called the Amengi and that's why they have it, and they don't know how it works so they abandon it when it breaks down since they have no engineers or mechanics. They got this idea from Isabelle from Predators in the Predator Hunting grounds tapes. Here's why this is ridiculous, they would have to absolutely know how thier technology works in order to improve upon it, which they clearly have as seen in multiple films, they also most likely came up with the technology seeing as how it is so personally tailored to them as individuals. We have even seen Wolf Predator modify his weapons on the field. We also know that they have scientists as we see them altering the DNA of one of their own in The Predator, so it would stand to reason if they are smart enough to do that then they most certainly have mechanics and understanding of their technology. This is of course my opinion. Let me know what you think.

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