Dall-E Mini AI-Generated Images

Started by Nukiemorph, Jun 20, 2022, 06:24:45 AM

Dall-E Mini AI-Generated Images (Read 697 times)



I've been playing around with the "Dall-E Mini" AI-generated image thing.
(I just noticed that their URL is "HuggingFace"...)
Anyway, I tried some prompts with the word "xenomorph" and it generated some interestingly bizarre stuff. Felt like sharing.
(I don't know if this would be considered fan art, but I didn't know where else to put it.)

Prompt: deep sea xenomorph

Prompt: rainbow xenomorph baby

Prompt: neon xenomorph glow

Prompt: eldritch horror xenomorph

Prompt: xenomorph puppy

Prompt: xenomorph kitten

Prompt: Nukie xenomorph magical space adventure

Prompt: xenomorph Spice Girls


Prompt: SpongeBob xenomorph

Prompt: Giger Barbie

Prompt: supermodel facehugger

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