Anyone watch Football? NFL that is :)

Started by Nostromo, Aug 24, 2016, 10:36:13 AM

Anyone watch Football? NFL that is :) (Read 26,583 times)


Another epic choke job by the Chargers last night! Ridiculous that teams are still using Prevent Defense in 2023, and losing games they have no right to as a result.


Should be a cracking game tonight, between arguably the two strongest rosters from top to bottom in the NFL. Think the Eagles take it 34-24.


Was a cracking game, unfortunately I've already binned it off because it was decided by a ridiculously bad call by the officials. Shame...


Well, that was certainly an ending


Here we go again! Going to be an interesting season for us Jets fans, with future Hall of Fame Quarterback Aaron Rodgers on board, though I think it'll be the same 4-5 teams contending as last season...

AFC East

Buffalo 12-5
Miami 10-7
N.Y Jets 9-8
New England 7-10

AFC North

Cincinnati 12-5
Baltimore 10-7
Cleveland 8-9
Pittsburgh 6-11

AFC South

Jacksonville 10-7
Tennessee 8-9
Indianapolis 5-12
Houston 4-13

AFC West

Kansas City 14-3
L.A Chargers 11-6
Denver 8-9
Las Vegas 6-11

NFC East

Philadelphia 13-4
Dallas 11-6
N.Y Giants 9-8
Washington 5-12

NFC North

Minnesota 10-7
Detroit 10-7
Green Bay 6-11
Chicago 6-11

NFC South

New Orleans 10-7
Tampa Bay 8-9
Atlanta 7-10
Carolina 4-13

NFC West

San Francisco 12-5
Seattle 10-7
L.A Rams 8-9
Arizona 3-14

AFC Wild Card

Cincinnati v N.Y Jets
Buffalo v Miami
Jacksonville v Baltimore

NFC Wild Card

San Francisco v Seattle
Minnesota v Detroit
New Orleans v Dallas

AFC Divisional Playoffs

Kansas City v Jacksonville
Cincinnati v Buffalo

NFC Divisional Playoffs

Philadelphia v Dallas
San Francisco v Minnesota

AFC Championship Game

Kansas City v Buffalo

NFC Championship Game

Philadelphia v San Francisco

Super Bowl 58

Philadelphia over Kansas City


Well, Aaron Rodgers lasted all of 4 plays before apparently tearing his Achilles. So, that's our season down the crapper (even if we did somehow come back and beat Buffalo)...  ::)

Master Chief

Don't think Wilson has what it takes to keep the team afloat.

It was a fun game to watch, though.


As a Dolphins fan, and having a best friend who supports the Bears. It was probably the funniest thing to have happened so far this year.

What a bellend he is


Congratulations on outing yourself and your friend as colossal dickheads, like anyone else who celebrates a serious injury.


Rodgers can't be that bad if Randall Cobb, UK football legend, likes him enough to follow him from team to team.

Jets have the defense to keep them afloat for the playoffs if Wilson can give them ANYTHING offensively.  There is a rumor that they want Trey Lance from the cowboys.  Lance might end up being the player traded for the most first round picks ever if this is true. 

Master Chief

Jets better call Tom Brady.


It's a shame jets look like they have a solid team except for the QB position. I'm a pats fan so I won't complain too much, but do feel for rodgers.

I feel like Eagles and Niners definitely going to be the teams to beat in the NFC. And in the AFC no matter how the season starts the Chiefs are still going to be the team to beat once playoff time comes. It'll be interesting to see what it looks like by week 10 or so.

At the moment I got Niners vs Chiefs though


What I've gathered after week 4.
49ers and eagles remain the top contenders of the NFC.

Cowboys are not bad but unreliable as they stomped another poor football team.

In the AFC the Ravens, Dolphins, and Bills all seem fraudulent to me but if they hit on all cylinders they could compete for the title. Chiefs are still the team to beat.

And as for my Pats, where do I begin? Belichick better figure something out because it's starting to look like the game is passing him by (still a solid Defensive mind though). Mac Jones is not that guy, not a rock bottom qb but he psychs himself out and the spotlight looks too bright for him to handle. And another year passing by without any significant coaching and player adjustments in key areas such as WR and OL leaves us at 1-3...gonna be a long season.


Boom! We finally beat the Eagles (after losing all 12 previous meetings). Doesn't get much better than this...  ;D

Master Chief

I'm glad the Niners got the first loss now and not later in the season.  :'( 

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