Signature and Avatar Request Rules - READ THEM!

Started by Mike’s Monsters, Oct 15, 2009, 01:57:50 AM

Signature and Avatar Request Rules - READ THEM! (Read 23,590 times)

Mike’s Monsters

Mike’s Monsters

We would like to implement some rules for the signature and avatar requests, to make life a little easier for those fantastic members who are taking the time out of their day to make them for you!

Please read the rules!

1. It is encouraged to provide a link to the render or image you want in your signature.

2. The size should be no larger than 600px in width.

3. You need a post count of 50 or more before requesting a signature.

4. No animated GIFs.

5. Avatars (100 x 100 maximum) can be requested as well!

6. If more than one member takes your request you can choose which one to use.

7. Do not request rush jobs, these members have lives outside of this forum. They may not have the time to work for you 24/7. Do not get rude if you do not receive your signature right away. If they give you a estimated time period, and do not produce it in time, do not get upset. Again, they have lives, things do come up.

8. Please also do not request new signatures every 2nd day or something. All we ask is that you keep your signatures for at least one month.

9. It is preferred that you supply the images you want in your signature. It makes it easier for the designer, and can speed up the job. And images should be no smaller than 350x240px. The image won't be resizable if it is any smaller than that size. The larger the image, the better it will look in your signature.

10. Be polite. The member making the signature is taking time out of his/her day for you. They do not have to do this, it is a privilege. Remember to thank them, and also say "please" when asking for a signature.

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