New Members >>> Introduce Yourself

Started by Darkness, Nov 01, 2006, 08:01:10 AM

New Members >>> Introduce Yourself (Read 1,045,760 times)



Use this thread to introduce yourselves.

I'm Darkness, 21 years old and I'm the administrator of AvPGalaxy.

The Ultimate Predator

The Ultimate Predator

I'm The Ultimate Predator, owner of The Ultimate Predator, and the administrator of it's forums.

I'm also the Comic and Fan Film reviewer on AvPGalaxy.

Corporal Hicks

I'm Hicks. I used to run AvPWorld and then AvPNews. I'm the Merch Mod here at AvP Galaxy and the interviewer.


wolfboy from the first AvPgalaxy. Also xzistince from IMDB.

Ah those star ranks, brings back nostalgia.

Corporal Hicks

Hey, welcome onboard. It's nice to have you here.  ;)



i am Harry from germany (bavaria)  :P and the webmaster of the german AVP-Fanpage


Demonio Cazador

Hello there!
I'm Jose, originally from Mexico and currently living in Chicago, I was a member of the old AvP Galaxy forum.
I'm pretty excited about this forum being back!!



whats crackin,

im predpant, great name eh ;D
nice to see this site back ;)

Tallest Pinku-Chan

Nyaa, Nyaan~!

I'm poison! Age:13 and I love anime & aliens!!



My name is Hudson and I'm mad that my avatar "is too big", since it isn't on AXP.  Anyway, I feel like an old relic coming back here and I'm not sure if it will be indefinate, or for a short period of time.  It's cool to see the place again though.

Corporal Hicks

Oh, I feel the same way about the avatars.  :P

Welcome back Hudson! I can remember you. How you've been?


Rhadamanthys from, age 20 years old, from Mexico, fan predator

Welcome back AVPGALAXY

The Ultimate Predator

Welcome all newbies, enjoy the forums.



Yea Well you know me... this is good old Mande. anyway nice layout Darkness and forum, hope it lasts.  8)


The Ultimate Predator

Nice to meet you.

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