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Posted by Kradan
 - Today at 08:08:31 AM
@Local Trouble, the Force will be with you. Always
Posted by Local Trouble
 - Today at 07:37:20 AM
I definitely have hazy memories of seeing ANH during its theatrical run in the 70s, probably during one of its many re-releases.  I would have been only 3 or 4 at the time, but it still made a big impression on me.

My parents even took me and my brother to Toys R Us afterward to buy some Kenner action figures.

I have clearer memories of seeing TESB in 1980.

I voraciously consumed all the EU I could get my hands on throughout the 90s.

My enthusiasm for the IP never recovered from the prequels, unfortunately.  I still follow it, but not with the same level of autistic obsession that I used to.
Posted by Prez
 - Today at 07:18:40 AM
I got the impression that the order was not to kill Obiwan but to capture him. I am sure to take to Vader personally and let old Wheezy take some personal revenge on his old master.

And @Local Trouble  ... that's some tale mate. Even for someone like me who is old enough to remember seeing Star Wars in the cinema in 1977 as a young kid (and being obsessed since), your own knowledge of the SW Canon and (now) non Canon is impressive. Rebel scum  ;D  ;D
Posted by Immortan Jonesy
 - Today at 03:28:49 AM
Oh I second that  ;D
Posted by Local Trouble
 - Today at 03:26:02 AM
She should have chopped off the Grand Inquisitor's head so they could give him a new one that actually looks right.
Posted by Immortan Jonesy
 - Today at 03:18:17 AM
I agree that Reva could have been better portrayed as a villain (unless she evolves into an anti-hero or something), but Obi Wan is kind of out of shape and he clearly is not the same Jedi we saw in ROTS.
He was barely able to use the Force to save Leia. His connection to the force is weak (it reminds me of Kotor games when you start your hero's journey with Revan / Meetra Surik lol).
Actually, it is safe to say that Reva ironically
saved his life when she stabbed the Inquisitor, cos I don't think Obi Wan would have been able to beat him in his current state.

All that said, I'm very excited to see how he gets stronger for his imminent encounter with Vader, and not just in the supernatural or physical aspects, but also in the emotional ones. He really looked broken when he found out that his apprentice was alive.
Posted by Local Trouble
 - Today at 03:01:25 AM
Another thing about this show: Reva is a laughably unintimidating try-hard.

They should have let her kill that Jedi mook (who was also unimpressive, to be honest) from the beginning in an exciting lightsaber duel to at least showcase that she's capable of winning one-on-one against a trained Force-wielder.  All we've really seen so far is that she can bully muggles and cheap-shot her boss.

Why should an S-tier Jedi Master like Obi-Wan Kenobi sweat her?
Posted by Kradan
 - Yesterday at 08:01:40 PM
@Local Trouble, wow, sounds like quite a journey. Can you say that you have fallen to the dark side ?
Posted by Immortan Jonesy
 - Yesterday at 07:29:23 PM
@Local Trouble, I bet you're famous, or infamous, in these corners of the internet ;D ...


Posted by Local Trouble
 - Yesterday at 06:54:04 PM
@Kradan My fan card was revoked in 1997 when I wouldn't stop talking about how awful the changes in the special editions were.  Then, in 1999, I was declared an Enemy of the Fandom when I wouldn't shut up about how terrible The Phantom Menace was.

I'm a loner, Dottie.  A rebel.
Posted by Kradan
 - Yesterday at 06:48:09 PM
@Local Trouble, I know it's kinda weird, but I begin to think that you're some sort of a Star Wars fan. I don't wanna make any claims here, but it's almost as if you have some sort of emotional connection to the material, Nah, scratch that, totally ludicrous
Posted by Local Trouble
 - Yesterday at 06:01:16 PM
@TilotnyWorshiper28 If the Empire knew that Bail was, like you said, "a primary member of the rebellion" then anywhere he went should have been investigated as a potential location for the hidden rebel base that they were obsessed with finding.

Of course, that's assuming you're right about them watching him so closely that he couldn't even make a private phone call from Alderaan. :laugh:

@Immortan Jonesy Leia didn't have much choice at that point.  Her ship was captured and she was about to be taken prisoner.  Whether she knew Obi-Wan personally or not, she was supposed bring him back to Alderaan which made him the natural choice to carry on her mission anyway.  Like she said, he was her only hope.
Posted by Immortan Jonesy
 - Yesterday at 05:45:46 PM
Quote from: Gentleman Death on Yesterday at 04:38:31 AMFirst episode if Kenobi was good, wasn't expecting huge fights or anything so it delivered in setting up the series...however I'm not really digging the mini leia kidnapping plot. I hate to say it but I kinda rolled my eyes at this, guess we'll see how this plays out...

The fact that Leia, after being captured by Vader, trusted and decided to pass her mission on to someone else, Obi-Wan Kenobi, fits in with what we saw in the series in a way. I mean, it could be interpreted that she knew him in person beyond the stories of her adoptive father.

Yesterday at 05:53:21 PM

Quote from: Local Trouble on Yesterday at 02:29:14 AMHow old is Reva supposed to be?  Based on the prologue from the first episode, I thought Reva would turn out to be one of the younglings who were shown escaping from the clone troopers.

Maybe she witnessed Anakin carrying out Order 66.  I wonder if Vader knows that she knows.  He's killed his own men for that.


If Vader doesn't know that she knows (she was most likely the Jedi girl from the prologue as you've pointed out), then maybe it could mean that Vader is going to kill her, provided he finds that out of course.

On the other hand...
The premature "death" of the Inquisitor has given the fans something to talk about (what a surprise! :laugh: ). Some are already wondering if he's going to survive given his appearance in Rebels, which is supposed to be canon.'s not like we haven't already seen that with Darth Maul or Palpatine anyway.
Posted by St_Eddie
 - Yesterday at 04:57:51 PM
Quote from: TilotnyWorshiper28 on May 27, 2022, 10:31:27 PM
Quote from: Local Trouble on May 27, 2022, 08:41:29 PM@St_Eddie Is this show going to explain why Bail didn't just use his holo-pager to summon Obi-Wan in ANH?
empire was invesgating him  they basically new he was a primary member of the rebellion so they were watching him

They were watching him 24/7? What, even when he was on the toilet?  There was literally nowhere he could go to make a video call in private?
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