AvP Extinction Developer Brian Collins Talks Testing How Much Attention Fox Was Paying

Started by Corporal Hicks, Jun 23, 2023, 01:10:10 PM

AvP Extinction Developer Brian Collins Talks Testing How Much Attention Fox Was Paying (Read 1,768 times)

Corporal Hicks

At the end of July, Zono Inc.’s Aliens vs. Predator: Extinction is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its release! To commemorate the event, Alien vs. Predator Galaxy sat down with three of the people who made the game a reality – Lead designer Jason Hough, lead artist Brian Collins and producer Mike Arkin – to discuss the development of the game.

We discuss the initial pitch, what happened to multiplayer, that one particular guy at 20th Century Fox who made the development a struggle, how Fox had suggested turning the game into APC racing and plenty more!

One of the things that was brought up was how towards the end of development, the developers at Zono didn’t think Fox was actually paying much attention to their latest builds and decided to put that theory to the test.

If you remember you could select the types of Aliens in the menu system and it would show that Alien standing. For the longest time the Alien Warrior had a giant penis hanging down between his legs. Like really long, out of control. It was our test to see if Fox was looking.

It was in there for months. Every build we would send this Alien just had its swinging back and forth in that menu and no one ever said anything about it. I’m like "see, they’re not looking. We could do whatever we want."

This thing has like a three foot long schlong hanging right front and center. It’s going to poke your eye out. Like a week before we started to get into the cycle of sending final builds there was a bug in the bug system that says "it appears the Alien Warrior has a giant penis."

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That's a long wait. I'm looking forward to this one. Development stuff about Extinction is so sparse.


Quote from: Enjoy on Jun 23, 2023, 02:19:54 PMMan. Fox sucks
Fox really sucked, but I think that Universal is far worse. The way that they treat a millionaire franchise like JP is stunning.


That's a bit of an embarrassing look for fox lol


Giger would have been proud


Even though the Alien Warrior had the largest penis, the devs had the largest balls.


They could have just said "It works on my machine" like I often hear in the same line of work.


Been about 17 years since I played this game.

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