How does the Alien Queen/Eggs tie in with Covenant and beyond?

Started by Alien Runner, Apr 01, 2017, 10:04:54 AM

How does the Alien Queen/Eggs tie in with Covenant and beyond? (Read 826 times)

Alien Runner

David might play a part in creating the Xenos and I had a theory about him introducing the female reproductive cycle into the Alien lifecycle through Shaw's eggs. However, I remember a mural from Prometheus which depicted facehuggers and eggs.

This means David re-creates the Xenomorph and perhaps turned Shaw into an Alien Queen!!! Maybe in the ending, we see Shaw laying the eggs because we see a lot of eggs in the trailer.


It'd serve more sense to see David kill/use Shaw for the intent of creating "The Perfect Organism" via the black goo. Take into account it's been 10 years or so since Prometheus, so he's had plenty of time to mess around with genetics.  Turning her into a Queen is somewhat convoluted and messes with the cycle we already know. I'd much rather see proto-xeno force-evolve and go into a cocoon state and emerge as a proto-queen, and use whatever neomorphs left as scavengers, harvest the planet, boom, Xeno Prime.

Alien Runner

Someone needs to ask Ridley how the Alien Queen ties in with the story. Who creates it? David? Is the first alien queen Mother Mary?


Its possible the information David needed was in the engineers temple, and he just added that missing link, the non ethical missing link that is, i think the engineers create things that serve a purpose, us humans are cruel, violent and always wanna be the dominant ones at a high cost, so maybe the engineers created us and we killed one of their messengers 2000 years ago or whatever happened that pissed them off, or we are the creation of another race or another bigger alien type, just like the xenomorphs are also from that same creator,
we are related to the xenomorph, we are the inferior xenomorph.
Anyway i think David just created something in between, maybe the engineers are capable of creating something much stronger then the xenomorph.

Necronomicon II

^ I like the idea of David figuring out a missing element/link that either the engineers didn't know of or was forbidden, and there was an agreement that such a dangerous organism would never be created, that way the quote that he found perfection and created it makes sense, and also leaves open the idea that he simply stumbled on the recipe book.


Yes, or the xeo is to the engineers as the androids are to us, they are there to serve us, but they got that evil devil particle inside them that sometimes just goes haywire, the androids and the xeno's are the slaves with the minds of maniacal killers, the calculator with 5ghz processor and cpu of a god, we are made to calculate but we can do so much more, look daddy i can launch nukes with my T.I. Calculator.

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