Aliens Vs Predator Compared To Aliens: Colonial Marines

Started by SnakAttack, Feb 12, 2017, 10:33:52 PM

Aliens Vs Predator Compared To Aliens: Colonial Marines (Read 8,612 times)


Hey Everyone,

I have been playing Alien: Isolation lately, as I just got it this past Christmas, but as great as it is, I have wanted to try another Alien game that involves more FPS gameplay.  I have narrowed my choice down to Aliens vs Predator (AVP) and Aliens: Colonial Marines (ACM), but I would like to hear suggestions from those of you who have played one or both of the games.

From what I have researched so far, AVP appears like it offers more diverse gameplay (marine, alien, and predator) compared to ACM.  I also enjoy the Predator universe as well, so this appeals to me.  The graphics in AVP also appear to be slightly better, even though the game was made 3 years earlier.  Do mods make up for any downfalls in either game?  Is any of the DLC worthwhile or should I pick up the base game by itself?  I will be playing either game on the PC too, if that changes anything.

Any thoughts from the community on this would be greatly appreciated since we're now in 2017 and fairly removed from the time that either of these games originally released.


AvP 2010 for sure, while not a great game it is hands down better than A:CM.

A:CM has nothing to offer besides a terrible story, broken gameplay, and an okay MP.


I own both and I can happily play AVP through again.

I tried to playthrough ACM recently and my god it's an insult. I snapped the disc and put it in the bin. Awful. Bad writing. Bad voice acting. Sub par graphics for that generation. Countless glitches. Crap.  Crap crap.

That's not to say AVP is perfect. It's just not anywhere near as bad as ACM.


Thank you both for your feedback.  Based on what you both told me (as well as everything I read online) is is clear that most people agree that ACM is really not a very good game.  I had originally asked, just to see what feedback I got, because the game/all DLC was on sale for $7.75 on Steam.  I decided to take a chance and buy it, even with the bad reviews. 

I can see why people who were hyped for the game would be massively disappointed and I am glad I got it for a pretty low price, though I am still having some fun with it.  I am glad I decided to play this one first, because I think it will make AVP that much better.

Thanks again!

The Cruentus

AVP 2010 is vastly superior to A:CM, which is the Requiem of the games  :laugh:
But AVP 2010 is kind of mediocre, I would recommend Aliens versus Predator 2 by monolith. Its a very old game but its the best of the AVP games.


Aliens vs. Predator can be great if you enjoy these kind of newer, dumbed-down games. Compared to Aliens: Colonial Marines it offers slightly more variety but both are generic.

The Predator for example is limited to only 4 weapons (which seem relatively OP to me) but they are fun to use and I'm ok with that, however god forbid there any crouch button in Colonial Marines?  :D

Dreadlock Holiday

AVP was the reason I infested in a PS3 back in 2010.
The stealth attacks you can do as a Predator are worth the cost of the disc alone! I did try and play through Colonial Marines, but lost interest.


AVP2010 all the way. Its much more polished and playable then ACM.

Praetorian Guard

Other than the so-so hand to hand combat, AvP 2010 is great and fun.


ACM is alright as a mindless shooter. Well worth it for playing bug hunt mode with friends. The story, characters, dialogue, plot is all beyond terrible though.

AvP2010 is better quality but there's still a very prominent "indie" game feel to it. It has very very short campaigns for each species, too. The story is just typical AvP nonsense. DM Multiplayer is great with friends (multiplayer was very underrated in this game).


Colonial Marines is just a waste imo. AVP 2010 has 3 decent campaign modes and great multiplayer, especially with friends. The PC community still seems to be active on AVP whenever I log on the Steam version.

The Cruentus

While AVP2010 is better than CM, it wasn't the best itself, mulitplayer was fun, no argument there but it was difficult to get a game as you cannot join games already in session, so you would be stuck waiting and since a lot of folks are not patient, they would quit and the waiting time could be longer due to waiting for players.

There were also problems with balance and distance, as Predator and Alien you could do melee damage when you are not even close and then there is the stealth/trophy could have jumped to safety and be quite far only to be trophy killed as the icon to do it doesn't go away in time when the target is out of distance.

Specimen 24

AvP 2010, unquestionably. The story is pretty meh overall, the characters aren't very memorable - but the 3 storylines are pretty well done.

When you're a Marine, you feel like a badass with all the advantages a Marine should have.

When you're a Predator, you feel like a Predator - stealthily stalking prey before brutishly attacking or firing at them.

The Xenomorph gameplay is definitely there, but compared to the other two... I don't know. It feels lacking IMO. You crawl around, people can't see you even if you're almost bumping into their arse, and if you kill a marine with another one a few meters away - he/she won't notice their dead comrade. It's fun to finally be put into the Xenomorph role, but it feels like a very small step down from the perspective of the Marine and Predator in terms of feeling "right".

Praetorian Guard

AvP 2010 without a second thought. I was aware of how bad A:CM was, but I still wanted to give it a shot at it after three years of its release. Played the first two levels and then no more. I just couldn't keep playing it. It was painful for me as a hardcore Alien fan.


AvP 2010 is very enjoyable and has a variety of gameplay compared to ACM which is clunky to say the least and is more of a headache than an actual enjoyable game

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