Next Alien life cycle after the trailer Alien reveal

Started by acrediblesource, Feb 02, 2017, 10:54:17 PM

Will there be something more in the movie that's alien?

Expecting Everything  In the Trailer to be the complete package.
6 (30%)
There is definitely a Queen or King or Bassass
0 (0%)
I'm really expecting the original HR Giger design to be in the movie
7 (35%)
I'm really expecting the OTHER preliminary HR Giger design to be in the movie
5 (25%)
I'm expecting Prometheus aliens to be in Alien Covenant but with everything we saw in the trailer.
3 (15%)

Total Members Voted: 20

Next Alien life cycle after the trailer Alien reveal (Read 2,394 times)



In the extras I think it was mentioned they blagged from a major rock group whatever lasers they had for the concert stage. But... Since the alien movie has been remastered more than any other of the franchise films, with plenty of opportunities to correct or digitally enhance scenes, I think we'd have to assume only having 1 laser beam covering one section of the derelict was intentional and not due to lack of resources.

However, Kane lowered himself into an accidental acid blood burn hole. Where Kane landed is not the default entrance/starting position for the lower section where the eggs are.

It had to be some kind of sensing laser. Like an outdoor  porch light that goes on when movement is detected.

Anyway, I think (and hope) there will be some creature not shown in any of the trailers. Whether it will be the badass or mother-supreme, im not so sure.


I think it would really be of great benefit if they explained these little things. It would make an already crazy mythos even crazier!

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