Aliens Vs. Predator General Discussion Thread

Started by g2vd, Sep 14, 2016, 09:39:28 AM

Aliens Vs. Predator General Discussion Thread (Read 6,515 times)

Corporal Hicks

It always was massively annoying. lol.


I miss the eversweet sound of marines getting eviscerated. Good times, good times.


"Don't relax just yet, Marines!"

"Don't let ya guard down!"

I went back and replayed this a few months ago. Played through the Predator and Alien campaigns again (didn't feel like replaying the Marines one, though I do still remember how slow and sluggish the movement felt for that one, like the Marine was constantly running through waist-high water) and while I still enjoyed them overall, it did remind me of all the things I wish they'd done better.

Small, cramped areas where there should have been a lot more space to play around and stalk your prey in, lots of repeated areas (playing the Alien campaign immediately after the Predator one made me realise that literally about half of each campaign take place in the same places), very few weapons for the Predator and no Alien vision mode for half the game, despite the fact that you've been fighting them from the very start, plus no human enemies to go up against past about the halfway mark (humans are always just more fun to fight as a Predator than Alien imo), two or three generic voice clips repeated ad infinitum etc. And does face-huggering civilians actually do anything? I like the idea, but I kept wondering whether or not I was forgetting what it actually did, or if it was just something that was kind of......there. :P The Alien's wall-walking could certainly be a bit finnicky at times, but it was mostly fine.

But there was also a bunch of stuff I still liked. I thought the Predator's jumping mechanic, while a bit slow in a pinch, was a good idea. Nobody wants to be playing an invisible, invincible badass only to keep falling off of trees and rooftops when they screw up their jumps. Using vocal mimicry to trick Marines was cool too, and visually everything looked very nice (though it had more of an AVP movie influence than I would have liked).

I also remember it being "controversial" at the time, but I really liked the executions and trophy kills, and still do. Sure in multiplayer they often led to a "conga line of death" as multiple people got behind one another while they were executing someone only to them be executed themselves etc, but in the single player modes at least I really liked how they worked. They gave the Predator a great feeling of actually collecting trophies and doing some great, cinematic kills as both the Predator and Alien.

It felt like a game that hadn't really taken notice of the advancements in the FPS genre up 'till then though. Even six years ago it felt a little 'behind the curve'. The multiplayer had some good ideas too, but I feel like the map design wasn't good enough to take advantage of them (again, just too small most of the time). I'll have to rely on my memories for that part of it though, since I didn't even check to see if anyone was actually still playing it online (though I suspect the answer would be "not so much"). :laugh:

So yeah, some good, some bad, some stuff I liked and some stuff I didn't. Either way though, it's more than high time we got another AVP game from someone. Please to make that happen, universe!


Quote from: Kailem on Nov 23, 2016, 10:56:49 PM
And does face-huggering civilians actually do anything? I like the idea, but I kept wondering whether or not I was forgetting what it actually did, or if it was just something that was kind of......there. :P

Just an achievement/trophy, that's it.


Yeah I figured as much. That just seems strange.

I watched a video recently about AVP on the Jaguar, which I never played, and it said there's a gameplay mechanic there where you have to cocoon marines in order to respawn from them when you die. That sounds like a pretty cool idea, and gives you extra incentive to cocoon some of your victims rather than just kill them, so it almost seems a bit odd that Rebellion didn't do something like that (or really anything at all) with face-hugging people in this one.


Let's hope the developers release an updated version for Xbox One.

Loved the multiplayer(Marine)

We need a reboot in the next few years..


Hopefully they'll put some goddamn effort into the next one, instead of just hammering out a typical 10 hour corridor crawl, slapping some random multiplayer modes into it and calling it a day. The f**ker didn't even have dedicated servers when it launched. f**king hell.

They actually need to think their mechanics through to the end, especially in multiplayer. Take the melee for example. They design this rock/paper/scissors thing only for the game's poor balance to mean that nobody bothers to use it. The most effective way to play Predator is to spam one shooting homing bullshit at every turn. Because Predators are way too good in melee, the best way to play Alien is to circumvent the entire melee system in the first place by E spamming or tail spamming on walls. The end result? Nobody f**king bothers to use the melee system they worked "hard" on. Even if people use it, it makes no sense, since you can just cancel heavy attacks into blocks at will.

If we're lucky the next one won't just be abandoned, either.

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